Why Flames of War Hit The Beach is the best value starter set, ever

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Lovely, isn’t he? From the official Games Workshop store (or will, when normalcy reigns again) he costs just 50p shy of £28. I won’t go into GW’s prices because I’m on the side that thinks this hobby offers truly outstanding value for money. Many of us have models we’ve owned for 20 or more years, and they still provide fun to this day. Compare this Avatar of Khaine to the cost of, say, a ticket to a football match where you watch someone else kick a ball around for 90-odd minutes and you’re done, and there’s no comparison. This guy? Worth it.


For your twenty-eight British pounds from somewhere such as the great folks at OnTableTop (other stores are available, but I like this one), you could get a complete German Panzergrenadier Company, including a Company HQ and two Panzergrenadier Platoons. That’s 58 (!!!) 15mm minis multi-based across 2 HQ teams, 7 MG42 teams and a Panzerschrek team. Twice.

There are also two 7.5cm anti-tank guns to make a Tank-Hunter Platoon. Yes, that is as scary as it sounds.

Two of these

And three Panzer IV tanks. TANKS!

Three of these

I mean, tanks amiright.

In Flames of War terms, a full tournament-level army is 100 points, and this is a mid-sized 50 point force, more than enough to get into the game and play countless matches, as well as kick start your collection. Think of it like one of Games Workshop’s Start Collecting boxes, except it’s £28. Bargain.

But that’s not all. Hit the Beach also includes the full, complete rule book, dice, a quick start set of rules and gorgeous quality stat cards for everything in the set. This isn’t a set that gives you a thin booklet and rules pamphlet and leaves you wanting more. Nope.

Oh so many stat cards.

Oh and there’s also a V1 Flying Bomb.

So, £28 gets you a Panzergrenadier HQ team, two full Panzergrenadier Platoons, a pair of 7.5cm anti-tank guns, three Panzer IV tanks, full rules, dice and stat cards. And a V1 Flying Bomb to use as a terrain piece to fight over.

But wait. Did I mention this is a two player set?

Add to that mix, an absolute craptonne of US Sherman tanks. I mean, just loads. There are five Shermans with 75mm guns, and three that could be made as either more 75mm guns, or the bigger scarier 76mm gun variant. I know what I’d choose. That’s enough tanks to make a complete M4 Sherman Veteran Tank Company with a Tank Company HQ, a platoon of 75mm M4 Shermans and a platoon of 76mm M4 Shermans.

And, just for kicks, a US Parachute Rifle Platoon because why the heck not. That’s another 32 (!!!, again) minis spread across 7 M1919 and M1 Garand rifle teams, a 60mm mortar team and an M1 bazooka team. Lordy.

That’s another 50-ish points with full stat cards. For around the same price as one Games Workshop Start Collecting set you could buy a couple of these and have two decent complete 100-point forces, a couple of rule books and enough stat cards to build a small house. Just one set is more than enough for many, many games. I suggest you start playing with the quick start rules and just 25 points worth of units on both sides, and take it from there. I think you’ll like it.

Bought separately, the individual units would cost around £160. At £28 it’s a complete and utter steal, and worth every single penny.

Go get it. You know you want to. Tell them greywulf sent you.

I’m sorry, Avatar of Khaine.

But I still love you.

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