Once upon a time, there was a blog

Once upon a time not so very long ago, there was a blog.

It was, as these things go, quite a good blog, at least in terms of quantity if not always in quality. Within this blog sat 3,811 blog posts dating as far back as 2004, and well over 10,000 comments had been writ by countless kind souls.

It was, in short, a rather Good Blog indeed.

Then, the dark times came as they always tend to do. The blog fell fallow and untended. Even so, the blog continued to be read, and at a remarkable rate. New visitors came, and old ones revisited familiar pages. Traffic to the blog continued and thrived even though no new content was made. Over four million visitors read words within the blog each year, and the creator (even though he had lost the will or desire to create) was pleased.

And then.

The blog vanished. Gone, seemingly forever.

Until now!

Welcome back to the new (old) Greywulf’s Lair!

All the old content is here with new and varied posts to come on a regular basis. Expect more posts about role-playing games, 3D renders, reviews and tutorials along with fresh posts about a whole slew (good word, slew) of new related topics as well. The paint is still wet and the overall look and feel of the site is subject to change over the coming weeks, so watch your step and please don’t trip over any paint buckets.

And this, dear reader, is where you come in.

What do you want do see? What would attract you back to reading a good old fashioned blog, in this world of twitter-sized soundbites and dehydrated content? Do you want longer posts? Shorter posts? Multi-part articles about a given topic? What interests you, and how can I draw you into this little corner of the internet?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Till next time!

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