Rest in peace and sleep well, Aaron Allston

I am, and I say this with a heavy heart, genuinely shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Aaron Allston at the tender age of 53.

Aaron’s contribution to the role-playing industry as a whole can’t be under-estimated, and nor should it be. Looking back, what he wrote and contributed to amounts to my entire childhood history (and adult history too, if truth be told) and through those works it’s fair to say that he, unwittingly, helped to make me the person I am today. I, as with countless others I’m sure, owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Aaron’s work spread many genres, and his influence was wide. He is now perhaps best known for his work in the Star Wars universe, though I know him better as the man who wrote my copy of the Champions RPG. And the man who wrote the much loved D&D Rules Cyclopedia. And that Car Wars guy. His name appears so many times on my bookshelf, and I know I will utter a silent prayer of thanks for him each time I see it for years to come.

My thoughts are with his family.

Goodbye Aaron. And thank you.

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  1. Damn.

    One of the big names from my past, as well. Particularly for his Car Wars work, which I always liked.

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