Oh I do love the Mantic Crazy Box 2013

I’m on a bit of a miniatures kick right now. If I’m not collecting them I’m painting them, and if I’m not painting them I’m gaming with them or reading up on the rules. Whether it’s Warhammer 40k, Flames of War, Kings of War or any other darned game I don’t mind. I’m even coming around to using them in my role-playing games too, and that’s something I never thought I’d say.

20140115_113400000_iOSIt’s fair to say that when a certain package was handed to me by our friendly local postman, I was quite excited. For this, ladies and gentlemen, is a Crazy Box.

Now I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t look all that crazy. It is, to be fair, more white and cardboardy. Not what you would call crazy at all, at least to outward appearances. Boring, almost. Boxy, but not crazy.

You would be wrong if you thought that however, for this is no ordinary Crazy Box. This is a Mantic Crazy Box 2013, and that means the crazy is on the inside. Don’t be fooled by the cunning disguise!

This limited edition offer was available over Christmas and is still open for a very (and I do mean very) limited time. The boxes are currently on pre-order so be willing to wait up to a month for your order to be fulfilled. Don’t let that put you off though. The wait is worth it people.

20140115_113600000_iOSA box costs £20 (plus postage) and for that you get a crapton of minis. The actual contents are semi-randomised with different folks on the Mantic forums reporting similar-but-slightly different contents. The total value of the figures if bought separately is well over £50 (I worked my box content to be worth around £65). See, I told you it was crazy.

On to the contents themselves. They serve as a showcase for Mantic’s whole range of products and are a terrific way to kickstart any minis collection. If you currently play Kings of War, Warpath or Dreadball then this is a great way to bolster your collection and if you don’t it is a good way to see what you’re missing without splashing out too much cash. I have seen folks complain “oh I only play Kings of War so I wish there was only Kings of War content in there” but that’s missing the point. This is a load of terrific minis done cheap to act as a showcase. And it works, brilliantly.

20140115_114122000_iOSHeck, if you don’t play any of those games this is a wonderful set to pick up anyhow. I can see lots of these getting use in my role-playing, that’s for sure.

Here’s a list of the contents I received (yours may, of course, differ):

  • 10 x Elf Bowman Command
  • 5 x Basilean Men at Arms
  • 5 x Basilean Sisterhood Panther Lancers
  • 3 x Ogre Warriors
  • 2 x Marauder Grunt Command
  • 1 x Marauder Raptor
  • 5 x Forge Father Stormrage Veterans
  • 1 x Dozer Giant MVP
  • 1 x Anne-Marie Helder MVP
  • 2 x Loka Earth Pawns
  • 1 x Mantic Journal #4 (includes 1 Mantic Point)
  • 1 x Kings of War poster

That’s 35 minis including one Giant mini and a kickass vehicle. Not too shabby at all.

All figures are provided unpainted and either bagged or on sprues. Here’s a gallery of the individual items. All pictures from the Mantic site to show them fully painted.

Elf Bowman Command

10 of these
10 of these. The detail is superb!

Basilean Men at Arms

5 of these
5 of these

Basilean Sisterhood Panther Lancers

5 of these gorgeous kittens
5 of these gorgeous kittens

Ogre Warriors

3 ogres? Don’t mind it I do.

Marauder Grunt Command

The sprue exactly as it is in the box

Marauder Raptor

Costs £9 on its own. If you do not love this you have no soul.
Costs £9 on its own. If you do not love this you have no soul.

Forge Father Stormrage Veterans

Five Space Marine Dwarves! I know, right?!
Five Space Marine Dwarves! I know, right?!

Dozer Giant MVP

This is one big mini and the pic doesn't do it justice!
This is one big mini and the pic doesn’t do it justice!

Anne-Marie Helder MVP

I'm planning a metallic colour scheme with green highlights for this one.
I’m planning a metallic colour scheme with green highlights for this one.

Loka Earth Pawns

And finally here’s my own Earth Pawns. I’m definitely looking forward to painting these two up!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Tweedledee and Tweedledum

So there you have it. One box of crazy. I foresee about 6 months of painting in my future.

Want a Crazy Box of your own? Go get it, and be quick!


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