Deadzone looks pretty darned great

Mantic is on one heck of a roll right now. They already have a lot of love due to Dreadball, Kings of War, Warpath and more, and their next Big Thing looks likely to set them up as being one of my favouritest companies of all time.

Deadzone (link to Store page) is a sci-fi skirmish game that is available Any Time Now. It features fully modular terrain, a fairly light card (non CCG) system and pretty easy d8-based rules. If you are a role-playing gamer looking to get into wargames but are daunted by the cost, this might just be for you.

The core set is £65 and for that you get a pretty amazing load of stuff. The set includes two factions – Enforcers and Plague – with Rebs and Marauders (Orks!) available for around £20 each. Additional figures and sets are available (soon) with more to follow, but the core set has more than enough to keep a couple of new players busy for many months to come. The core set includes the full rules, terrain mat, the modular terrain, dice, cards, mission cards, tokens and all you need to play. It’s far more than a mere “starter” boxed set, folks.


Yes, you get all of this

If you play Warhammer 40k there’s two things of interest. The Overwatch mechanic in Deadzone allows a figure to do much more than just shoot as a reaction to a charge. Depending on the figure’s abilities they can Move, Shoot, or take any other action as specified on the figure’s stat card. Secondly the modular scenery looks excellent, and even if you don’t pick up the core set it might be worth grabbing a Scenery Upgrade Pack for your 40k games! At £25 that’s a heck of a lot less than Games Workshop’s offerings.

Here’s an obligatory unboxing video of the core set.




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