10 second review: 110 Unique 13th Age Traits

One of the many wonderful things about the 13th Age role-playing game is that every character has One Unique Thing. This is something which only they can lay claim to; a trait or backstory which makes them stand out from the crowd. It’s pure fluff with no rules mechanics silliness behind it (though there can be, should you wish to be the only elf that exhales blue flames, for example) and helps both define the characters and give GMs something around which to build their scenarios. When a party of such uniquely gifted (or cursed. Or both) individuals get together, magic happens.

The tricky part can be in coming up with your One Unique Thing during character generation, and that’s where 110 Unique 13th Age Traits comes in. This contains – you’re ahead of me here, I know – one hundred and ten Unique Traits, and they’re brilliant. While not all entries in the list will appeal to every gamer (no product ever will) there’s sufficient diversity that you will find yourself giggling like a loon as you read through them and plenty will leap off the page and yell PLAY ME NOW! at you.

The PDF itself is just four pages long and in a very printer-friendly format, with the last page containing the ever-welcome OGL. Don’t be fooled by the lack of length though – there’s as much imagination and inspiration inside as I’ve found in many a 64 page supplement.

I don’t want to spoil any surprises or your own enjoyment as you read the list, so here’s the three example entries from the product page, just to whet your appetite:

16. My old gang stole a powerful artifact from a vengeful icon. Now I’m left holding the bag while they lay low.

54. Horses kneel at my approach often enough that people are starting to talk.

96. My spirit is a prison for angry ghosts. Pray that I do not waver in my duty.

There’s another 107 where they came from, and they’re pure gaming gold.

It is just a dollar, and well worth it. Whether you play 13th Age, D&D or some other game,  will find inspiration for your next character here. I’m sure of it.

Go get it!

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