Gallowmass, a scenario teaser for #DnDNext

Here’s the intro for a scenario I plan to run using D&D Next this Sunday. Enjoy!

The heroes are resting in the remote town of Fallen Gallows when……..

“I am Mayor Wilhelm Screme. I heard there were adventurers in town. This is most fortunate; I need your help.

Every year we open the doors to the town and allow the monsters to enter and roam the streets while we stay safe in our houses. They can take anything they find. Some people leave gifts for the creatures in the hopes it will appease them. Others lay traps to keep them away from their homes.

Everyone in town thinks this is just a silly tradition, but I have found its origin. In the town vaults I discovered an ancient text – an agreement between the founders of the town and the various monster tribes in the area giving them right of entry on this night so they can carry out a ritual to honour their dead. If they do this unhindered, the agreement says they will honour the town boundaries for the rest of the year.

Just think – this could stop the Orc attacks in Midsummer. And the Goblins sneaking into the market. And the Kobolds in the sewers! Please help us.

I want you to protect the monsters and ensure that none of them die.”

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