A long overdue Lazy Weekend Render Dump

Oh man, it’s been a while. Between worktuff, lifestuff, a new laptop (a darned excellent Lenovo Z500, for those who are interested in such things) and all the moving folders, re-installing and getting wonderfully sidetracked by that all this entails, I’ve not had a huge amount of time to render, let alone post those renders.

What I have been doing is getting to grips with how DAZ Studio performs on the new laptop, and that’s involved going back to first base and re-learning many of the things I just couldn’t do (or rather, couldn’t do quickly) on my old and much loved netbook. That’s not to knock netbooks at all – they are far more capable machines than public perception and the press make them out to be -but a new computer is like a new car; it takes a while to learn its quirks, how fast it can go, when to change gear and whatnot.

What I’ve learned is this laptop give me room to breathe. Rather than focus on the character I’m trying to convey I have space to expand the scene, add in background elements that tell more of the character’s story through what’s around them.

And when I say “what I’ve learned” I really mean “I’m just on the very first step. Come take the journey with me”.

Anyhow. Enjoy.

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