Neverwinter du Jour: Zanne Silentread


“Why am I in Neverwinter? Because I have nowhere else to be.”

Half-Elves are, by nature, a displaced and homeless people. Neither truly elf nor human they are all too often treated as outcasts of both. Zanne Siltentread is an outcast even among Half-Elves, for she is a Half-Drow. Her mother was a Drow Highborn whose fall from favour led her to the ultimate disgrace – she was sold to a human slaver. The Drow and the slaver’s relationship travelled a troubled path through loathing to grudging respect and finally love – though this is not their story. Zanne is the result of their tale, and her life has been one of constant wandering both above and below the lands of the Realms. She has never learned to call any place her home. Perhaps Neverwinter will finally become the fixed point she is still unaware that she desires.


Dirty little secret: She doesn’t know it, but Zanne has a Drow half-sister and a legacy in the Underdark that will one day seek her out.

Notes: Here’s a special Character du Jour – my very own character in the new Neverwinter MMORPG Open Beta! I’ll be writing more about this game over the coming weeks I’m sure, but suffice to say it’s great fun to play (and that’s all that matters right?). For me the mark of a good MMO is one which inspires me to create a backstory for my character and Neverwinter does that, in spades. It’s worth stressing that Neverwinter is firmly in Beta and certain parts of it can’t be expected to be 100% working or even implemented. I am liking the direction it is heading though, a lot. The multiple currencies are downright silly though, and badly need simplifying and reimplementing.


At the time of writing, Zanne is a level 10 Half-Elf Trickster Rogue in Neverwinter terms, which puts her I’d guess about Level 2-3 in Fourth Edition D&D. Levelling is far more granular in Neverwinter, and that is very much a Good Thing. With her Sly Flourish and Dazing Strike she feels every part the kickass Fourth Edition Rogue right at the start of her adventuring career.

Tell me about your character, and be sure to stop and say hi if you see her on your travels on the Beholder server!

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