So where were we?

This blog died last week, and I’ll confess I was this close to shutting the darned thing down – to the point where I have a “so long and thanks for all the fish” text file ready and waiting.

But instead, I fixed the problem. Corrupt mysql databases are a pain, but easily fixed when you know how. And I do, apparently.

This did give me time to pause and ponder where this blog is (or isn’t) going, and where it can be over the coming months.

This is where you come in, dear reader. I have blog stats (oh so many blog stats), but they only ever tell a part of the story.

What I would love to know is what do you want from Greywulf’s Lair? More renders? Less renders? More tutorials? More RPG articles (and if so, what topics?). What format do you prefer – longer articles, or short, punchier posts?

The floor is yours.

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  1. Hi, and let me first tell you I’d be very sad to see your blog disappear! Since I discovered it a year ago or so, it has been a constant source of inspiration for me, truly.

    I never dared to post a comment to put my two cents in, but now I realize I should have. At least to say thank you and give encouragements to a lonely old grey wolf who really deserves it.

    I was most impressed by your RPG articles, especially on the mechanics of games such as D&D Next, D20 modern, True20, Mutants and Masterminds, etc. Not to mention Microlite which I’m in the process of tweaking myself with Epic6 for a game on PBF.

    I also enjoyed very much your thoughts on the spirit of RPG, qualities of a good campaign, etc. To be honest, I long to adapt your Endday campaign for my homebrew medieval fantasy setting in True20 System. And then make my my players jump forward in time to experiment this same post-apocalyptic world in your Undungeon concept… Any tips or additional material from you would be greatly appreciated by the way… :-)

    Now that I think of it, if we were living in an ideal world (and I were rich, and financial crisis could be rebuked by casting a 20 sided dice), I should pay you royalties and copyrights for all that!

    So please, do not give up sharing your thoughts and insights on this blog, I would miss you a lot!

    Keep your head up, and keep posting!

    Cheers, Laurent

  2. I am very glad you are not dead. I really appreciate the tutorials – when you find a new way of doing something with Daz. I also enjoy the rpg discussions. BTW, I’ve been using FotoSketcher and would add one step to your mix. On the FotoSketch’ed layer, run the Diffuse filter set at Anisotrophic. This smooths out the jaggedness of the lines and gives a more brushed look to it. Here are a couple I’ve done recently:

  3. In a sort of self-contradictory way, I would miss your blog, but completely understand how much time and work it takes out of your life. Never begrudged anyone who gafiated, yet always missed them.

    What I may be saying (and it’s even a mystery to me what I might end up saying) is that your life, your health, and/or your family are more important than trying to please a bunch of stalkers.

    That said, I am always up to hearing more about Microlite.

  4. Completely understand if you decide to shut her down. Sometimes its time.

    That being said, I have certainly enjoyed your inputs and opinions on RPG stuff. Your blog is on regular rotation of my rpg blogs, and I would say, when you do post, there is usually a lot more bang for the buck than most other sites.

    Anyway, I enjoy what you put out on here, even the renders and tech posts which i dont know much about. Would be sad to see it go. But Im just one of those stalkers that gets the benefit of reading someone elses hard work.

    Good job so far and good luck on whatever you decide. :)

  5. You know me, I love RPG blogs and would certainly miss your unique spin on the hobby. Write about what you want to write about though.It’s usually pretty cool stuff so I’ll read it.

  6. Screw what everyone else is saying. Don’t take your blog down. Blog more. It isn’t time. You have more renders, more rpg posts, more everything to share with the world and if you don’t keep posting then you’re just being selfish. Let’s have none of this wishy-washy ‘well, I guess you can stay if you want to’ talk. I personally am here for the RPG posts but I enjoy the renders as interludes and don’t mind the tech topics, depending on how much they relate to me. It is going to be at least 5 years before I’m on a machine with Windows 8 for instance so don’t really care. On the other hand, Dropbox is a constant for me and I just noticed in your crash I hadn’t seen the post about that. It could be further back in my RSS feeds though.

    Oh yeah, I’d love to see a post on what you are doing with Google Reader dying.

    Seriously. I drifted into hyperbole a little bit up there but I’ve been there. I had a blog and I killed it and moved on. I regretted it later and have been hacking old blog posts from the PDF backup into my new one. If you’re feeling the pressure of having a blog and making sure you post then don’t kill the blog, just take some time off. Work on other projects. She’ll be there waiting for you when it is time to come back.

  7. I read this blog primarily for the Mutants and Masterminds content. Other than that I also enjoy the Character Du Jour and RPG mechanic posts. I have discovered many new game systems through this blog, which I will never play but sucked hours out of my life anyways.

  8. Your Call of Cthulhu/My Little Pony mashup renders are exquisite. Please don’t stop posting them.

    1. Truly, this IS the sort of thing of which America needs more. I’m not sure that Greece could handle it though. El Salvador, yeah, they could deal with it. But we need it more right here. I would love to be able to get the entire collection of My Little Elder Things on DVD for my granddaughters.

      Please, sir – I want some more.

  9. I like short, punchy posts that are mostly RPG-related, specifically Dungeons & Dragons (with a focus on D&D Next). I also like it when you describe actual playtime and modules you have created or adapted to suit your needs. You are a very creative story teller; I even ran with your story ideas from the Caves of Chaos story line you came up with for D&D Next. I also enjoy reading your comments, opinions, and analyzation of game mechanics.

  10. I enjoy your renders – they brighten my inbox. Also the mini Daz tutorials are informative. I am not into RPGs but you always write informative articles for devotees. Keep up the good work.

  11. I like a screen full of words, with a picture. Bonus if the picture goes with the words. See our irrational demands? It’s a wonder anyone can work in this environment.

  12. I would be saddened if your blog were to disappear. Like others have said I probably should have commented more in the past, as I am quite fond of both your DAZ tutorials as well as your RPG related posts.

    I hope you find happiness in whichever path you choose, I just hope that path involves keeping the blog!

  13. I’m overwhelmed. Many thanks for all the kind words of support both here and on twitter. It’s good to know you lovely people like the random (and occasionally not so random) words and pictures I throw on the page.

    The general opinion seems to be (and correct me if I’m wrong) to keep on doing more of what I’m already doing, with more Character du Jour posts as they are pleasingly quite popular (and also generate a healthy number of long-term page views too, which is nice).

    So that’s what I’ll do starting tomorrow with a super special Character du Jour post followed by a quick DAZ Studio tutorial. Possibly even in that order. There might even be a My Little Ponythulhu reference in there too. We’ll see.

    My thanks to you all!

  14. Totally agree with all those who appreciate your stuff and especially with Scott here above.
    I found your Daz Studio tutorials really useful, funny and pleasant to read. I hope they will always be around (it’s actually a few weeks that I’m thinking of saving a backup copy of them on my computer), and, if that pleases you as much as us, that you’ll find time and will to write more of them.

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