Get your free Dragon here!

Well that's going to leave a mark
Well that’s going to leave a mark

Folks, the nice people at DAZ 3D have released the classic Millennium Dragon 2.0 as a freebie for a limited time. This is an oldie-but-goodie (or baddie, depending on your Draconic preferences) that loads quickly, poses perfectly and renders beautifully. The installers have all been updated to the latest version too, which is nice. All textures are configured to work in both Poser and DAZ Studio without adjustment.

The model comes with a load of additional poses, more add-on doodads (horns, fins, spikes and whatnot) than you can shake a dragon wing at, and if you want to render a whole flight of dragons the original Millennium Dragon 1 is included too – ideal for those distant majestic renders of dragons flying atop ancient castle ruins. Oh, and they have thrown in the oriental Eastern Dragon as well, just for good measure, so that’s three dragons for the price of nothing!

There are a whole host of other freebies too including the Homo Erectus morphs and textures for Michael 4, Victoria 4 and Kids 4 (the textures work with Genesis too!), the classic Anime Star Fighter set (Aiko 3, clothes, hair and a spaceship – what’s not to love?) and LE editions of the Cat, Dog, Horse and big Cat. There’s more than enough content to kick-start any budding render enthusiast and keep him (or her) busy for months.

The Dragon is the pick of the crop, in my opinion. Go get it!

(Picture by me. Rendered in DAZ Studio, toning and adjustments in Photoshop)

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