D&D Classics is live!

Once upon a time, darkness filled the land and there was much gnashing and wailing of teeth. Wait. That doesn’t sound right.

Either way, folks were unhappy because Wizards of The Coast pulled PDFs from RPGNow, presumably in an effort to discourage piracy. Ironically this meant that the only way to access classic Dungeons & Dragons content was through piracy, so that didn’t work out too well.

The alternate theory is that WoTC planned to bring the PDFs in-house and provide their own store, releasing digital content in some other means (most likely some iTunes fodder, or somesuch). Again, not a great choice for the consumer, and I am personally happy this did not come to pass.

The dark days are over.

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D&D Classics is live! Long live D&D Classics!

This is run by the nice people at RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG who be know and love, and provides good quality PDFs of Dungeons & Dragons products across all Editions of the game from Molvday Edition Classic D&D to Fourth Edition content like the Forgotten Realm Players Guide. There’s a whole shedload of content up there already, with more planned over the coming months. I suspect they will need a bigger shed.

To kick things off there a handful of free PDFs too, including the classic B1 In Search of The Unknown.  I hope more free products for AD&D and Third Edition join the list as well, and it would make sense for them to release a couple of special adventures exclusively for D&D Next through D&D Classics too.

I love the idea of all the Editions together like one big happy D&D family, and D&D Classics will only succeed if you vote with your wallet and let Wizard of The Coast know that this is a Very Good Thing indeed.

Head over to D&D Classics right now. 

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