The Lady of The Bronze Phoenix

Here’s a render of The Lady, rakshasa pirate captain of the Bronze Phoenix, a Titanic-sized steam-powered (and very steampunk) flying ship that is the current “dungeon” in our ongoing D&D Next campaign.

Hey, who said all dungeons ought to be underground and made of stone?

The Lady leads a loyal crew of Ratlings and is somehow linked to the mysterious Mages of Flame, a group of red robed elven featured beings who appear to be composed entirely of fire. Quite what the link is, the players may soon find out. OooooOOOooooo, etc.


6 Comments on “The Lady of The Bronze Phoenix”

  1. Great image, need to reverse her right hand though. Otherwise she looks great in a bad girl, evil and she must be slain, kinda way.

  2. wow very nice. Mind if i zoink this for my home game? I am trying to find a way to tie in the playtest Isle of Dread “rakasta” with the rakshasa of my world and I think this may be the inspiration i need.

  3. Nice render – what figures in Daz are you using?
    Also – really interesting setting for a campaign. Would love to hear more about it!

  4. Thanks! This is Genesis (pretty much the only figure I use these days) with a mixture of Teegra and Victoria 5 supermodel plus some Fitness morph, with the V4 Rawn’s Wyld Catz texture applied. I’m pleased with how she turned out, though reversing her hands for the Rakshasa look was quite a challenge :)

    The session ended beautifully with the PCs being thrown overboard at about 1,400 ft, and next session commences with them crash-landing on the Isle of Dread! Should be fun…………

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