Random character generation for D&D Next

Here’s a few tables thrown together at a moments notice. Feel free to adapt and adjust to suit your worldview.

Roll once on each table to find your character’s race, class & subclass, specialty and background then either roll 4d6 (drop lowest) and allocate stats, or use a standard array. I recommend 10,11,12,13,14,15.



1 Dwarf, Mountain
2 Dwarf, Hill
3 Elf, High
4 Elf, Wood
5 Halfling, Lightfoot
6 Halfling, Stout
7-10 Human

Humans are twice as common as the other races. If you prefer all races to be equally frequent, roll d8 instead or adjust the table suit your campaign setting.


1-2 Cleric, Sun Domain
3-4 Cleric, War Domain
5-6 Fighter, Duelist
7-8 Fighter, Protector
9-10 Fighter, Sharpshooter
11-12 Fighter, Slayer
13-14 Rogue, Thief
15-16 Rogue, Thug
17 Sorcerer, Draconic Heritage
18 Warlock, Fey Pact
19-20 Wizard

Fighters are the most common class, making up 40% of the table. Clerics and Rogues both account for 20%, Wizards 10% and Sorcerers and Warlocks 5% each. Again, add salt to taste.


1-2 Acolyte
3-4 Archer
5-6 Dual Wielder
7-9 Guardian
10-11 Healer
12-13 Jack-of-All-Trades
14-15 Lurker
16-17 Magic-User
18 Necromancer
19-20 Survivor


1-3 Artisan*
4-5 Bounty Hunter
6-7 Charlatan
8-11 Commoner*
12 Knight
13 Noble
14 Priest
15 Sage
16-17 Soldier
18 Spy
19 Thief
20 Thug

*For the Artisan and Commoner, roll on the tables given in the Background document.

If your character is a Rogue with the Thief or Thug Scheme and roll the same result on the Background table, roll again.

Till next time!

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