In which I challenge @GRIMACHU to do something, and he does

I learned two things last night; if you want to get something done, challenge Grim to do it. And never challenge him to do anything. Ever.

At 7:21pm GMT, I posted the following on twitter.

By 11:43pm GMT, it was done and available to purchase through RPGNow for just 50 cents.

For the two of you that don’t know what 50 Shades of Grey is, you’re lucky. Here’s the best book review ever written. This is a novel about half-naked women and medieval devices. Of course it should be a role-playing game!

Filthy Shades Cliche is a storytelling role-playing game best played while drunk between consenting adults. One player is “Dom”, and the other “Sub”. Players choose a suitably appropriate name, occupation and description then create a 5×5 bingo-style word card drawn from a random list. Players take turns to construct sentences using those words, and the end result is a cheesy, cliche-filled erotic tale with no literary merit whatsoever. Just like 50 Shades, in other words.

Fun, silly and pointless? Oh yes. It’s also just 50 cents, and well worth it.

On a serious note, I respect Grim hugely. He does his own thing, and that’s something which more people should do. The role-playing hobby needs people like Grim who are willing to poke and prod and tear away at the boundaries. It always has, and (I fervently hope) it always will. Without the pokers and prodders and boundary pushers D&D today would not contain Demons and Devils. There would be no Succubi or Nymphs or Sirens or anything remotely resembling Satan himself. The political correctness of the time (and political correctness is always merely of the time) would have sanitized the hobby out of all recognition. At the time when D&D contained such things there were calls for it to be censored (at best) or removed from publication (at worst). Instead the game designers simply changed the names of the monsters, and carried on. That took guts to do. Whatever you think of Grim’s work (if you like it great, if you don’t, don’t buy it) he is a continuance of that heritage.

I salute him for it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some really bad literature to write.

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  1. I work in a book shop and heard the best short description for this trite piece of crap the other day, ‘Oh, don’t bother with that, it’s just Mills & Porn’. Lovely…

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