With a 10′ pole and an electrum piece

People complain about the strangest things.

Take, for example, two gripes from the #dndnext twitter stream. It has been argued (extensively!) that the D&D Next Playtest documents include a 10′ pole and electrum pieces (an ancient form of currency from fallen empires) as a stupid attempt to “win back” the old school crowd. These are archaic elements from D&D’s past and deserve to die.

We shouldn’t, they say, be taken in my these clearly shallow efforts.

Resist and play Pathfinder instead!

Well, actually…………..

Pathfinder has 10′ poles in the equipment list too

Electrum Pieces are in Golarion’s list of currencies as ancient coins that are no longer minted

If you’re going to complain, at least do some research first :D

Please, in the name of all that’s holy, quit the complaining. Play the games you enjoy, avoid the ones you don’t. If you want to make a meaningful contribution to the future of D&D then playtest D&D Next with an open mind and submit feedback through the Wizards forums and the surveys (first one coming soon!). Say what didn’t work, and what did. Don’t make yourself look like a dick in the process. If you’re online, especially on a public site such as twitter, what you say has an impact on the hobby as a whole. If you honestly care about the hobby bear that in mind, and stop with the divisive claptrap.[1. Yeah, I know there’s hypocrisy in me moaning about the moaners, so I’m only going to do this once. I suspect the message will fall on deaf ears anyhow, but I gotta try, right?]



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  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for being a friendly voice in what can seem like an exhausting stream of hate in the #DnDNext twitter stream.

    I’ve been trying to appeal to a little more acceptance and understanding on my blog as well with today’s post (http://philgamer.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/dd-next-its-okay-to-have-different-kinds-of-fun/).

    We’re all looking to get the D&D that gives us the most fun, so there’s no reason for people to be so hateful in their comments. Instead, they should redirect their efforts to sounding off on the options that they want to see in the game and thereby contribute towards a better product for everyone.

    1. In these troubled time, people just love to complain endlessly. There is less and less respect for the views of others. We are becoming more and more individualists.
      It’s a trend I don’t, for one, like.
      The most important thing about rpg is to have fun. If you had fun during your session, it was a good session. And rules often have nothing to do with the fun you can have. It’s all about the interactions between players (and in this sense for me, the dm is only a player too, even if he/she has a important role in the play).
      If you have fun hacking away at monsters, it’s all good. If you have your fun navigating a complex political or social landscape, interacting with npcs, and trying to find that elusive clue that would explain it all, it’s all good :)
      But, you don’t have the right to tell others that their fun is bad. It might be bad for you, but let the others have their way.
      In a way, 5E promises a lot. We don’t have yet all the plan layed out for us to judge if it will fails or not. From a cursative read, I find a lot their not yet to my taste, but I won’t try to force other players to follow my way of thinking, and will try to add my voice to the chorus, hoping that, down the line we’ll have a product capable of pleasing us all :)
      phew it was longer I thought it would be :p

  2. I’m for one a bit disapointed with dndnext for the moment. Ho, it’s not about the 10′ pole or the electrum (after all, it still exist in my campaigns of 4e), I would not care less if it’s in or out. There are things a bit more important that, imho, right now are too much a travel back in time, but that might be better handled further down the road of the playtest.
    I plan on playing (dunno how yet, because my players don’t want to, based on their read of the playtest material, and online play is banned), and see for myself how the rules stand out on their own.
    I will participate though on any survey coming my way. And will try to sound not moaning. We’ll see if I can at least manage that :p

    1. I’m currently playing it online (ssshhhh, don’t tell) and might well run a one-off session just for folks such as your good self who want to give it a try. Would you be interesting in taking part?

      1. I definetly would, but living in belgium it might be a problem with time zone (although I’m not a real deep sleeper and can forego some sleep for this :p)

        1. We’re in the UK so virtually neighbours :) Just a one hour time difference.

          It might be a challenge arranging a game so US players can join in the same sessions as well, but we’ll see.

  3. Im new to the Old 10′ pole . i’ve known of it but never once in all my life used or wanted one.
    I’ve missed out on a wonderful object and it cost less electrum than i thought .
    im so in favour of having Fun in my worlds and the ones i play in . if it take just a smidgin extra imagination to do that then il give it a try .

    NOW hand over all your electrum are i’ll smack you with this iron shod ten foot pole

      1. There is way more space in my shed than one would first assume. Rooms every which way. and a stupid metal dog is peeing up my leg. hang on, some one saying he is the master, wants to ask me out to dinner

        1. You do know I am going to have to run an adventure set in a shed that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside now, don’t you?

  4. I wrote this on G+ today: “My last 3E campaign used the following house rules: zero level spells (ie. cantrips and orisons) were never used up; all hit-points were basically fatigue and recovered after a few minutes of rest; and I tried to play down the significance of skills, trying to use character background as a guiding principle instead. From what little I have seen in reviews here and there, D&D 5E is on the right track!”

    1. I definitely think D&D Next will appeal to your style of play. There are even similarities between D&D Next and Microlite20 :)

      Who knows – with modules, it might just appeal to a wide range of game styles too. I live in hope.

  5. I for one am heartened by the 10′ pole and Electrum. It has confirmed my decision to like this edition in ways I didn’t like 4e.

    BUT i do wonder about this initial release being a “here, the first taste is for free” kind of thing. The old schoolers did, for the most part, not flock to 4e and considering they are the most likely to stick with a game (they have for 30 years, why stop now?) its in Wizards’ best interested to interest them. There is very little 4e in the beta DnDNext release. Will it start seeping in after the greybears have become emotionally invested?

  6. The problem is that you are fighting internet trolls, not cave trolls.

    Deflate their arguments and send them scurrying back to thier hive of villany. Do anything more than that and you risk burning out on the discussion.

    But, otherwise my group loves DnDNext, and I expect to switch as soon as I find an offline character builder and hopefully a Masterplan upgrade.

  7. Hey mate thanks for this, as I agree with your sensible and constructive opinion I’ll say no more. On another note, I too am in the UK and would love to join up for a game. Where are you – g+ or something. I’m interested partly because my own group didn’t have a brilliant time and a) I’d like to see how another DM handles things b) since we only play bi weekly, if I can run it on g+ or something can let the play test run alongside the regular game and players may feel more generous towards it.

    Anyway I appreciate you may be swamped and what not, but if you’ve got an opening I’d love to join, let me know when is good for you.



  8. Absolutely right! Personally I’m very much on board with the new (old?) direction that Wizards are going with D&D Next. Playtesting was great fun and although I have numerous gripes about the system, that’s exactly what playtesting is for.

    Complaining about trivial components doesn’t do anyone any good. For me, the 10′ pole saved my ass multiple times in the Caves of Chaos and made it much more engaging than just rolling a check to spot a trap.

  9. Heck, I could use a 10′ pole in real life. My office has the lights on a motion sensor, and the motion sensor is pointed away from my desk. :S

    I appreciate the sanity and tolerance here. This is a playtest of a system meant to appeal to different styles of game. If you knew that coming in, why are you yelling that it includes things for different styles of game?

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