Wizards of the Coast announce D&D Next licensing model

Breaking News: Wizards of The Coast have today released information regarding the new licensing model to be used with the entire D&D Next product line.

In an exclusive interview, an unnamed source told Greywulf Towers: “The OGL didn’t work for us, the GSL didn’t work for you, and D&D Next is about bringing all of that together.”

Building on the success of the Playtest, I can reveal that the new license will be called the NDAGL. This will allow players to do whatever they want with D&D Next products, with the minor stipulation that they can’t tell anyone about it.

“D&D is an exclusive club, and we are going to make it even more exclusive. This takes D&D Insider and puts it right into the core game. Digital products will be encrypted with a unique key available only through submission of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, and we are working with our print staff to offer the same functionality with our hardback and softcover products. We aim to have the books fully encrypted at launch, with the decryption keys (using technology developed by our Game Table team) available soon afterwards.”

Third Party developers have yet to comment on the new license.



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