D&D Next First Official Full Playtest Review

…. is a headline an awful lot of people would love to read right now.

So how about it, Wizards of The Coast? c’mon. You know you want to.

I understand and fully support your reasons for the NDA. It is a means of keeping the amount of feedback at a manageable level whilst the game is in early development. It’s an essential tool, and you’re using it wisely and well. But isn’t it time to throw a out a bone? Show them the mechanics you’re mulling over from the point of view of an actual third party playtest group, one which can make it clear that some or none of the game mechanics might end up in the finished product. It would be far better than half-baked mininsofmred leaked documents appearing with increasing regularity. And oh, they will.

Channel the fanbase, just a little more.

What do you think, oh readers.

(Me, lure you here under false pretences? Perish the thought!)

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  1. I feel your pain, yet it’s even worse for me. As a game blogger fully immersed in the ongoing play testing of D&D Next I can’t say anything because the NDA keeps me sworn to secrecy. It’s difficult to have to sit on the sidelines while the speculation and debate rages on. If only I could share my experiences with D&D Next, the good and the bad, I’d be a lot happier. Some of the “facts” I’ve seen on the internet are so far off the mark it’s painful, but I cannot say anything. I’m sure when the larger play-testing happens this summer the bulk of the NDA will be lifted and those of us in the know can spill the beans. At least that’s my hope.

    PS – Great title. It got me to click through. :)

    1. Exactly. WoTC has a whole host of independent playtesters who are bursting to be able to tell of their experiences but don’t, out of respect for WoTC and the NDA. It would be good it we were allowed to reveal just a little (with guidelines, of course) in order to keep the enthusiasm for the system going, as well as correct any misunderstandings out there.

      Haters will always hate, but the focus should be on the “swinging voters” who right now are only able to get “solid” information from inaccurate sources.

    2. I am in the same boat. I got to be a part of the PAX East play-test, and I really wish I could talk about it. I fear people are going to discount/disparage it and I will not be able to contain myself.

      While I can not share details, I can say this; I have been playing D&D for going on thirteen years, and it was one of the funnest one-shots I have ever had.

      Off to day two to see how many NDAs get shattered at the Q&A this morning.

  2. I’m a dog. Throw me a bone. That’s all I’m saying.

    Oh, and nice title, you sneak. Got me to click too.

  3. Hell yeah, what the heck is going on at Hasbro of the Coast? I signed up for being a part of playtesting ages ago, and still nada from them for poor little plebian me! I’m starting to get a complex. Seriously though, what’s with all the silence?

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