Armour piercing bullet points

From the short-and-sweet-but-neatly-presented dep’t:

  • DMDJ is an iphone app which lets you add sound effects to your gaming session. It’s rather jolly good. Android version to follow!
  • The nice people at DAZ 3D have extended the offer and you can get DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce Pro and Hexagon for free until 31st March 2012! That’s $800 worth of everything you need to make 3D renders, create content, and more.Yowzah.
  • Sarah Darkmagic writes what may well be one of the most important blogposts of 2012. What do you think? Are role-playing games sexist, and if so what should be done about it? Is having a richer tapestry the solution? Or should it be swept under the carpet (Tapestry. Carpet. See what I did there?) Hot topic, beautifully written.
  • The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game is currently number one at RPGNow, and rightly so. When I’ve read and played it I’ll review it, but you don’t need to wait for me to say it’s good. Go get it now!
  • D&D is in good hands. That’s all I’m sayin’.
  • Dwarf Fortress is seeing a lot of updates lately, and just gets more awesome by the day. Evil regions where the dead and pieces of the dead can come alive? Secret vampire dwarves? Overabundant giant mosquitoes? I’m in!
  • I’ll be finishing the series and writing about What Classic D&D Does Right later this week, and welcome suggestions for the next series of posts. thoughts, anyone?

Greywulf, out.

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  1. This article really made me want to be able to play Magic Candle on my MacBook! Now I’m a man on a mission… gotta figure out how to do it (any tips?)!

    1. Still not a lot of support on that, but there are ways around. The most obvious one is to run boot camp and install Windows as a second OS. That’s how I run SW:TOR on my MacBook Air (yes I do! Yes it does work! Yes it is enjoyable!)
      If you want to stay on the Mac side, then you might want to look out for wrappers like AppleWine and stuff; they just wrap around the windows content and translate the output to Mac-understandable information. Downside is that the game usually Ned’s more power because of the translation progress, and usually it doesn’t run as smooth as if it had been written for Mac, but it might be worth a try.

      Hope that helps.

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