The Lazy Sunday Render Dump

Haven’t done one of these for while. Let’s fix that, right now.As usual, all renders were made in DAZ Studio (Pro version is free until the end of the month!) with some, lots or no postwork. Clicking makes ’em bigger.

Runic Cleric


Ready for Anything

So long as by “anything” you mean fighting or going to bed. I mean, who in their right minds thinks it’s a good idea to fight in your PJs? Oh, right.


Lilac Witch


The Herdbeast

Not a great render, but I had to show off this lovely freebie (for a very limited time!) from the nice people at DAZ3D. Better renders to follow!

Gun? What gun?


Till next time!

2 Comments on “The Lazy Sunday Render Dump”

  1. Hi Greywulf! I just picked up Daz4 and am a complete novice at 3d modelling in general. I was wondering if you had any tips for creating clothing/armor/equipment models. Also I’d like to ask if you know how to get well-made comic-book/anime/or maybe even painterly nonrealistic renders in Daz4… thanks :) – something like this would be absolutely amazing :)

    1. Not my area of expertise, sorry. I do plan to finally get to grips with Hexagon (one such tool for creating models from scratch) in the future, and it’s quite likely I’ll turn out some tutorials along the way. But that’s not going to be for a while yet.

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