It’s the end of the year as we know it

The doors of 2011 are slowly closing, and the window of 2012 is being opened by a burglar with a crowbar. This is the day we look back, say “Good god. Where did all the time go?” and stay up just as late as you normally do, but with an added frisson of excitement and better food.

Just what is a frisson anyway? Is it a unit of measure, just used for excitement? Only Google and Wikipedia know the answer to that one, and I’m too lazy to ask.

What we do know is that 2012 is going to contain a whole fresh set of 365 bright and shining days (yes, it is a Leap Year) for you to use, abuse and misuse as you see fit. Unless the world ends on one of them, of course, in which case I suggest you make as much use of the first part of the year as possible, and treat anything after October as an added bonus. It’s been nice knowing you.

Scientists do say that the end of the world is statistically no more or less likely to end in 2012 than it is any other year. Two things I have learned not to trust though are science and statistics so putting the two in the same sentence is just asking for trouble.

But enough doom and gloom. This is not so much the end of 2011, as the beginning of 2012, whatever it may bring.

I wish that to you, my dear readers, it brings wealth, happiness and good fortune.

All the very best, and thank you for listening.

Happy New Year!

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