Harley’s Angels

Harley Quinn decides to prove to The Joker that she deserves to be taken…. if not seriously, then at least less like a joke or bit player. She forms a gang of her all, and what else can she call them but Harley’s Angels!

All of the Angels are female and made-up to look identical apart from Fat Alice, who stays at the Secret Hideout and takes the calls (but still wears the make-up and wig). Each one of the Angels has been taught some degree of Martial Arts and Demolition but are otherwise normal (if slightly twisted) humans. They make ideal Minions against PL 10 heroes, but could be a real headache for PL 6-8 street-level characters.

Use the Thug stats from DC Adventures/M&M3e (reprinted below from the excellent d20 Hero SRD) with Expertise:Demolitions as their skill selection.

STR 2, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 1, FGT 2, INT 0, AWE 0, PRE -1
Equipment: Mesh reinforced skimpy costume (+1 Toughness), light pistol, cell phone.
Advantages: Equipment 2.
Skills: Athletics 4 (+6), Expertise: Demolitions 4 (+4), Expertise: Criminal 2 (+2), Expertise: Streetwise 4 (+4), Expertise: Current Events 2 (+2), Intimidation 4 (+3), Stealth 2 (+3), Vehicles 4 (+5).
Offense: Init +1, Unarmed +2 (Damage 2), Pistol +1 (Ranged Damage 3).
Defense: Dodge 2, Parry 2, Fort 4, Tou 3/2, Will 0.
Totals: Abilities 14 + Powers 0 + Advantages 2 + Skills 13 + Defenses 3 = 32


Scenario Ideas
(Warning: may contain traces of stereotypical sexism for comedy effect. These views do not reflect the opinions of him wot wrote ’em.)

1. Our heroes investigate the mysterious theft of huge bolts of red and black cloth. A grainy CCTV image shows Harley smashing down the warehouse door with her hammer then struggling for several hours dragging the cloth onto the back of a truck. The heroes arrive as she’s about to leave. There’s a brief scuffle but Harley escapes with the cloth, calling out “Don’t laugh. Next time I’ll have help!”

2. Several Martial Arts dojos are damaged by explosions, and a new women-only franchise quickly take their place. The HQ School of Getting Even is very popular thanks to its low price (free if you kinda look like Harley Quinn!) and message of pre-emptively fighting back. Women through the city feel empowered. This can’t end well.

3. The Perfict Crime: Harley’s Angels raid a shopping mall for funds, but forget to leave and start shopping instead. Fights break out over shoes and dresses. Before this turns into a bloodbath, the heroes arrive. It turns into a bloodbath anyway.

4. Harley’s Big Mistake. Harley has over-empowered her Minions and they’re rebelling! Can the heroes rescue Harley from monsters of her own creation, and what is Fat Alice’s involvement. Guest starring The Joker in a latex fat woman suit. Oh dear. Rumbled.

Till next time!

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