Super Special Superhero Lazy Sunday Render Dump

It’s a Superhero Special, folks! Mainly because that’s what I’ve been rendering lately. The Genesis figure (especially with the superb new bodysuit) is terrific to work with.

But enough words. On with the pretty piccies.

"You're next!"

This is a straight render of one of the default textures for the bodysuit. I quite like it. Let’s call this guy Black Diamond and give him an Irish accent, just because.

Mistress Mage is unhappy with you

A bit of messing with textures and opacity and you get Mistress Mage. Picture a magic-wielding Emma Frost, and you’re there.

Man of Bronze!

Another play with textures, and you get Man of Bronze, pulp action hero who fights crime one fist at a time!

Smiling Jack, Smiling Jack. Laugh at him and he laughs back.

What do you get if you cross Superman with The Comedian? Smiling Jack, that’s who. Incidentally, the temptation to colour his suit yellow rather than silver and call him Pacman was very strong. But I didn’t.

Smiling Jill, Smiling Jill. If Jack don't get you Jill sure will.

Every Superhero analogue needs a Supergirl too, so here’s Smiling Jill. The Genesis figure makes it a doddle to switch gender, age, muscularity, etc with just a twiddle of the dials. Love it.

Of course, you don’t need the bodysuit to create superhero renders (but it helps). Applying texture to the base skin works well too, especially if you add and retexture clothing items from sets you already own.

When it comes to superheroes, colourschemes are everything.

Here’s a quick set of examples. First up, here’s Fakespiderman (hey, I gotta call him something, right?)

.Well, he looks happy.

One quick colour switch, and you have Fakegreenlanternman!

Also happy.

Once more for an all black (with just a hint of yellow) look, and he get Fakebatman.

Not happy.

Hope that gives you some superhero inspiration, folks.

Have a great Sunday, all!

2 Comments on “Super Special Superhero Lazy Sunday Render Dump”

  1. It’s a sweet start, Greywulf, but every superhero deserves a super villain, and they need to be seen in action against each other. How about taking these renders up a level? We need more than mugshots here. :)

  2. I like these renders, you have a flair for costume design and lighting, but I have to ask- why are all the men such ken dolls? With not even a mannequin’s bulge they do look jarringly off somehow.

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