Victoria 5 is Alive

Victoria 5 is the latest figure from the nice folks at DAZ3d, and she is rather bloomin’ great! Unlike previous figures in the Victoria line, she isn’t a stand-alone figure in her own right but instead she’s a morph-and-texture set for Genesis, DAZ3d’s award winning (and utterly brilliant) new do-anything-be-anything mesh figure.

What this means is that right out the box (if downloads came in boxes, which they don’t) she is infinitely flexible. Victoria 5 isn’t limited by what morphs, textures and clothes are available just for her – any past, present and future morphs, textures and clothes will work for her, automatically. That also includes all existing Victoria 4, Michael 4 and Kids 4 textures and clothes (thanks to Auto-fit, which converts Generation 4 clothing to fit the new Genesis figure) are immediately useable; there’s no need to curse DAZ3d for ‘making’ you throw away your existing Runtime folder and start again. Use Genesis with your existing content, and get the best of all worlds.

Victoria 5 comes with an Elite-class texture, a base “normal-scale” Morph and a Supermodel Morph (scaled to around 6’2″ or thereabouts, with legs up to there), meaning she’s great whether you prefer realism or fantasy in your artwork. The render above  is pure Victoria 5, while the one below uses the Supermodel Morph and just a touch of Muscularity.

Who needs wings when you can fly

The (only, and temporary) downside to Victoria 5 being a Genesis figure is that she’s not fully supported within Poser. While she (as with Genesis) is billed as a DAZ Studio only product, an exporter is in the works which allows her to be (mostly) usable in Poser. That’s as good as it gets until Poser catches up with DAZ Studio, technology-wise. With a figure this great waiting in the wings, I’m sure the fans will be clamouring at the doors to make this happen asap.

As with Genesis, Victoria 5 is an absolute joy to work with. The texture is superb, the body morphs blend superbly and my existing Runtime folder full of clothes is getting a new lease of life. DAZ3d have already released a truckload of new content for Victoria 5 but it’ll be a while before I’ve worked my way through it all.

As an added bonus, the Bree Elite texture works surprisingly well as a Genesis male texture too. Which is handy.

I could have saved him

In short, Genesis is easily the best thing to happen to my Runtime folder, and Victoria 5 is one more step along this new and exciting road.

More to come.

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    1. Yes, clothing for Victoria 4 (and Michael 4 and Kids 4 too!) will auto-fit to Victoria 5, or any other Genesis figure. If your V4 hair is a Figure, this will auto-fit too. Hair that is a Hair prop (ie, loads from the Hair tab rather than the Figure tab) will not auto-fit, but I have had no problems tweaking them to fit.

      Victoria 5 (and any other Genesis morph) will also take V4 skin textures, as well as any made for Kids 4 or Michael 4 if you switch the geometry in the Shader tab. What won’t work are morphs designed for Victoria 4, but even those can be converted using Generation X.

      That’s the beauty of the Genesis figure. Your existing content is fully usable regardless of the original figure it was created for; you don’t need to start all over again with a whole new wardrobe. Pretty good, eh?

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