10 second plotlines

Here’s a grab-bag of scenario ideas from me, to you. This time around these are all for the DC Adventures role-playing game, but could be adapted to suit any superhero rpg.


Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
A new craze has hit the streets of Gotham – the Jokemon collectible card game. Each card contains a holographic image of a notable hero or villain. What is the connection between this seemingly innocent fad and the current spate of crimes being committed by a whole range of superpowered adversaries?

Time to get your spandex on, join Batman Incorporated and get to work!

The Superboy Serum
A rogue scientist from Cadmus is offering a Superboy Serum to the highest bidder. This distilled DNA cocktail from the vaults of Cadmus’ cloning facility promises the power of a Kryptonian in a simple injection. Is it a hoax or genuine offer?

Who cares – the auction room is the chance for the heroes to beat on a whole load of villains at the same time. Let the bidding war commence!

When Penguin and Mr Freeze team up, bad things happen. In this case, the bad thing is Gotham turned in to an Arctic wilderness with Batman and Robin frozen solid!

Can the motley members of Batman Incorporated get their thermal on and save the day?

Guest starring Catwoman and Mr Terrific!

Nullzone Earth
A new villain walks the land, and heroes flee.

Superman is wheelchair bound. Wonder Woman is sedated in Arkham Asylum. Batman is missing, presumed dead. All of the major league heroes (and most minor ones too) are nothing more than a shadow of their former selves.

Who is Null, and how can a bunch of PL 6 unpowered heroes even hope to stop him?

Is this the end of DC?

Stay tuned to find out!

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