Wulf got a whole new lair

Three weeks ago or so, we moved house. It’s much better than the old place in every meaning of the word, especially now that BT (possibly the last bastion of incompetence in this crazy mixed up world) have finally worked out how to do that thing they’re paid to do and provide us with a working telephone line, complete with broadband provision.

I could have etched a blogpost out of pure granite with my fingernails and delivered it by hand to my readers in the time it takes BT to wiggle some wires and flick a switch. It took them a week to get the line itself connected (despite there already being a frickin’ line there!), then the rest of the time to enable the broadband access. While BT control the bits of wire here in the UK, our ISP is O2 who are nothing less than utterly lovely and have the best, most patient customer support people around. I could say that this might explain why BT dragged their heels, but bitter experience says otherwise. BT is, and shall always be, utterly useless.

I could carry on, but the whole internet is full of people complaining about BT. You suck, and you know you do. If you don’t, go google it.

But enough whining. This is starting to sound like a regular blogpost dammit, and that will never do.

So, here’s what to expect now that the dust has settled and I’ve got used to the new home smell.

  • When the players roll all the dice
  • The Unconstrained GM
  • 10 second plotlines
  • An Ode to Genesis
  • A Beginners Guide to Superhero Gaming

And more as I think ’em up.

Till next time!

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