3 Comments on “Nanolite 6 Role Playing Game Basic Rules”

  1. Interesting Game. I liked that it was OGL as that opens up a lot of design space. I would have liked it to be a little longer with more examples. At first the Occupations and Areas of Expertise feel very free flowing like FATE style aspects but they turned out to be pretty crunchy in implementation.

    All in all, some cool idea kernels but the most fun is probably going to be hacking it.

  2. Great game! In what way is the version on Amazon at 6$ (yikes!)different than the pocketmod version located here: http://www.forum.koboldenterprise.com/index.php?action=downloads;cat=12 for free?

    Could you go into some detail on the differences? Is the pocketmod version the one you have sold for 2$ and run demos at conventions?

    Does the Amazon version have some more examples or explain the rules more?

    I like this game, do you have any scenarios planned?

    1. The version on the foruns seems to be just a cheat sheet for the game outling the basic rules. The version on Amazon has the full prose explanation plus an example involving space rangers and a series of concersions for basic D&D style spells. I like the concept but still feel as if the game is unfinished.

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