10 new Doctor Who theories

Let’s have some new Who theories! Here’s a bunch to get the ball of time rolling.

  1. River kills Rory
  2. It’s all a Ganger War
  3. We haven’t seen the last of the TARDIS’ soul, or the junkyard TARDIS console
  4. The Doctor kills….. the Doctor! (but he’s the Ganger Doctor who took 200 years to reform, hence the age difference)
  5. The “gasoline” isn’t
  6. Yes, the girl in the spacesuit is River, pre-regeneration
  7. The Doctor faked his own death to end the Ganger War
  8. … leading to a new undercover Doctor style where the monsters believe he is dead
  9. The eyepatch is a part of a uniform (remember what they said about the eyes of the Gangers?). Will there be a River Ganger?
  10. River is the Doctor’s companion by the end of the next series

Now it’s your turn. Tease me. Spoil me.

Let’s see what we get right.

7 Comments on “10 new Doctor Who theories”

  1. not my theory, but its pretty keen… there’s an image of the silence on the inside of the eyepatch, so that whoever’s wearing one is always aware of them, possibly working with them?

  2. After seeing the latest trailer I saw that River also wore an eyepatch, I think she might be a form of Madame Kovarium and as a result Madame Kovarium’s name is a loose reference to the doctors real name, when River whispered his name in his ear her lips moved in what appeared to be four syllables, so maybe that’s his name or perhaps, an anagram of his name.

  3. P.s. I would really like to Helena Bonham Carter play a form of River she would be great, nice and calm one second a fully fledged psycho the next.

  4. After watching Let’s Kill Hitler, I think there’s no way that it’s young Melody in the spacesuit at the lake, else why would River be trying to kill him in Berlin if she already did it?

    No, I think that it’s River in that suit, most likely against her will after being kidnapped once again. She’s unable to control it, but is held responsible for it anyway.

    As for the Doctor surviving, there’s probably three ways that this storyline will get resolved:

    a) The First Question, somehow. Another grand reset button of ridiculous proportions, like flying the Pandorica into the exploding TARDIS.

    b) The Doctor does die, It’s a fixed event and can’t be changed, but beforehand he somehow brings his Ganger version back to life, who then takes over the Doctor’s identity and work. It’s kind of like how Chief O’Brien and Harry Kim were killed and replaced by other versions of themselves.

    c) In a rip-off of Chrono Trigger, he is replaced by a remote-controlled, non-sentient Ganger before being shot, by someone (probably River, Amy and Rory) stopping time. The Ganger has a perception filter on him to identify completely as the Doctor and a Time Lord, to fool any immediate scans, and as the body ends up burned there’d be no way to tell that it wasn’t truly the Doctor.

    Personally, given the way the show is, I lean towards a).

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