One line, one thought, or just one word. Here’s a bunch of role-playing hooks from my fevered brain, to yours. Make of these what you will.

  1. You arrange to meet at the tavern – but it’s gone!
  2. Ungenesis, the Unravelling.
  3. The Wizard’s Spellbook is the real villain.
  4. 120,000 minions. Good luck.
  5. What happens when you put a Paladin and an Anti-Paladin in the same room?
  6. ‘Ware the Dungeon Tides!
  7. The darkness is alive. And it is watching.
  8. Sideways dungeons. The entrance is level one. Travel further inside, and the level increases. There are shortcuts. The monsters use them.
  9. The Son of Superman is a very bad man.
  10. Liches desire immortality for a reason. A Lich as eternal guardian against a greater evil?


Till next time!

One Comment on “Hooks”

  1. Nice! I really like these simple ideas. Could be good for just about any level, and could wind up being any number of things. “Darkness is alive” could be shadows or thieves or even actual darkness. “dungeon tides” could be an otherwise normal dungeon that periodically fills with water, or the entrance is normally underwater, or there could be periodic ‘tides’ of creatures that pour out of a dungeon for whatever reason.


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