Too lazy to write a proper blogpost, so here’s another render

This is a picture I like to call “Sorcerer stubs toe on Heroclix base”.

I’m just not feeling the bloglove right now. I should be writing about space, and lots of it. There’s Sins of a Solar Empire and Gratuitous Space Battles, two quite frankly wonderful games that everyone should be legally mandated to play the heck out of. The former is probably the closest I’ll come to playing and enjoying a Real Time Strategy game without wanting to gnaw my own leg off, whilst the latter is all about who can make the biggest freakin’ explosions on the screen. Both are strategic in their own ways, but the differences in how they play is leagues apart. And they’re both bloody brilliant.

Talking about things that are bloody brilliant and space-themed, the Stars Without Number RPG is both of those. It’s a free PDF (with shiny print-on-demand options too) that just shouldn’t work, but does. The rules owe much to Classic D&D (descending Armor Class, roll STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA (yes, in that order) on 3d6, saving throws, etc) but in a style that is both ultra-modern and wonderfully conceived. It’s as if Marc Miller and Gary Gygax got together and designed a sci-fi RPG last week. I could, and will, write oceans about this utterly fantastic system. Unless, of course, you download it right now and beat me to it. Damn you.

Seriously, it’s that good. Unless Monte Cook suddenly decides to re-write Rolemaster and puts a naked Karen Gillan on the cover (hey, it could happen), Stars Without Number may quite possibly become my Game of The Year. It deserves all the accolades it gets. [1. Oh ENnies. Just a feckin’ Honourable Mention? Are you kidding me? This has been a great year for RPGs though, so I’ll forgive you just this once. Don’t do it again.]

So this is me, not blogging. Still.

Back soon!


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