Character du Jour: The Fantom

The car sped through the city as quiet as night, unlike its quarry which fled, guns blazing and occupants cursing their luck. They swerved, narrowly missing the oncoming truck and their fender buckled as they hit the side-walk. The Fantom’s car met the truck head-on.

And passed straight through.

The Fantom. His very name is a bogeyman to the crooks of 1930s New York. They glance fearfully, not at the doors and windows, but at the walls which offer no protection against the roar of his ghostly auto-mobile. All too often mooks and bosses alike have been run to ground by this unstoppable force for good, only to meet justice at the barrel of a pale white gun.

All that is known about the Fantom is this: he wears a pallid white suit and scarf covering his face, fights as well with pale fists as with his trademark all-white Webley Revolver. And he drives a car that can pass through walls.

And this is how The Fantom likes it. This is how it should be. Organised crime in the city needs something to fear, and the fear should have a name.

It is…… The Fantom!

Notes: Who is The Fantom? None other than British-born gad-about-town (and reputed heir to millions) Sir Henry Faubes. He settled in New York following the dastardly murder of his wife, the late Lady Penelope Faubes. Rumour has it he killed her himself, but in truth Sir Henry believes the killer is somehow linked to a New York-based crime syndicate, and is on a quest to take them down one by one until her real killer is unmasked.

And the Pontiac? Accidentally left by The British Research Division in Sir Henry’s ancestral home where they were based during the Last Great War. Who knows what else remains there yet to be discovered gathering dust under tarpaulin?

Picture The Punisher crossed with The Shadow, 1930s style, and you’re there.

Inspiration for characters comes from many sources. This particular one comes from this utterly gorgeous transparent Pontiac from the 1940s World Trade Fair. If there’s ever a car which deserves to be driven by a 1930s pulp hero, this is it.

And thus, The Fantom was born. Inspired by the car he was meant to drive.

The Fantom, AKA Sir Henry Faubes, PL6 90pp
STR 3, STA 4, AGL 2, DEX 1, FGT 4, INT 3, AWE 3, PRE 4
Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fort 4, Tough 8, Will 5, Init +2

Athletics +6, Close Combat:Unarmed +8, Deception +6, Expertise:Criminal Psychology +6, Insight +6, Intimidation +8, Investigation +9, Perception +8, Ranged Combat:Webley Revolver +6, Stealth +10
Benefit:Wealth 3, Benefit:Status, Daze:Intimidation, Favoured Environment:Urban Night, Favoured Enemy:Organized Crime, Equipment 9

Heavy Pistol (+8 DC 19), Bulletproof Vest

Fantom Mobile: Car, STR 6, Tough 8, Size:Large, Speed 5 (60mph), Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal, Affect Others)

Complications: Identity: Sir Henry Faubes, Enemy: Morgan Childes

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  1. Robin,
    I don’t even have anything to do with this genre (I am almost strictly a medieval fantasy gamer) and I LOVE it. Great character, thanks for the link to the “inviso-car” and great backstory. Very cool stuff!

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