Old school by candlelight

We had a power cut over the weekend so I did what no sane man should be asked to do: I generated an AD&D character. By candlelight.

Meet Dolgrim Greyfox.

Artwork by the awesome Symatt.

Generating AD&D characters using nothing more than my battered black “no it’s not third edition” version of the 2nd Edition AD&D PHB, a black gel pen, a handful of dice and a notepad, straining at the words in the candlelight – it feels so right. Generating a 4e character in the same way just wouldn’t be the same.

This character was made using full-bore AD&D, rolling 4d6 (drop lowest) in order and seeing what came out. As per our ancient house rules for anything pre-4e, max hit points are awarded at 1st level. Non Weapon Proficiency rules were used in full.

Dolgrim is an honourable Dwarf with the duty of returning rogue Dwarves who leave the Clan without permission from the Elders – usually by the scruffs of their necks. Despite his traditional skills as a Miner he is most comfortable above ground, and likes nothing more than the wind on his back and knowing that a storm is coming.

In fact, the more time he spends outside the dark mines of his homeland, the less he feels like returning. After all, he muses, who would they send after him?

Dolgrim Greyfox, Lawful Good Dwarven Fighter level 1, XP 0 (2,000)
STR 15, DEX 10, CON 14, INT 9, WIS 13, CHA 11
HP 10, AC 5 (Chain), THAC0 20

Infravision 60′, +1 vs. Orcs & Goblins, -4 to be hit by Giants,
+4 vs Poison & Spells

WS: Battle Axe +1, 1d8+2
WP:Short Sword, d6/d8
WP: Light Crossbow, d4

NWP: Mining
NWP: Weather Sense
NWP: Tracking

Chain armour, battle axe, short sword, light crossbow & 20 quarrels in a quiver. 12gp

One thing I noticed whilst re-reading the AD&D PHB is that Initiative is a Very Different Thing to both 3e and 4e versions of D&D. Some might even say it’s handled in a much better way. But I’ll save that observation for another post, ‘kay?

4 Comments on “Old school by candlelight”

  1. Thank you for posting that picture on your post. Shame I did not draw it by candle light. maybe next time. A less than five minute drawing isn’t to bad if I say so myself.
    Love the Guys background and his reason to adventure.
    I so miss THACO.
    Maybe a petition to bring it back

  2. Reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie Mazes & Monsters where they have their sessions with dozens and dozens of candles set up (implying of course that this is how Dungeons & Dragons is usually played). Now you just have to have over the top introductions in a serious voice and you’re set!

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