Dungeon Crawl Classics dice converter

Like the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg, but don’t like the funky dice? Here’s a quick and dirty dice converter which lets you just use a plain ol’ d20 instead. I have included columns for d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24 and d30. One d20 to rule them all!

Just roll the d20, look across to the correct column, and there’s your result. It’s not 100% accurate (but good enough to game with) as it uses the Power of Maths, and she is a fickle mistress. If you want greater accuracy here is the Libre Office document. Feel free to convert it over to d100 or whatever. Knock yourself out.


Link to pdf.


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  1. Here’s some simpler ways:
    d3 = d4-1 OR d4, reroll 4
    d5 = d6-1 OR d6, reroll 6
    d7 = d8-1 OR d8, reroll 8
    d14 = (d8-1 OR d8, reroll 8) and d6 (4-6 = +7)
    d16 = d8 and d6 (4-6 = +8)
    d24 = d12 and d6 (4-6 = +12)

    As far as I can tell looking at DCC, things like d7 only exist to be intermediate between d6 and d8, not because you need to pick from among 7 choices. Since you’re going to be rolling them in combination with d20 as often as not, and then adding in a bunch of mods, I’d probably go with the reroll version making you less likely to accidentally drop an operation.

  2. @Joshua
    For d3, 5, and 7 that would work fine.

    For your d14, 16, and 24, that wold not work. The number you roll would be unevenly placed towards the middle…which is why in Craps it is very easy to roll a 7, but very tough to roll a 12 with 2d6.

  3. @Entice, no, it’s an even distribution. Maybe you’re reading “and” as plus? What’s intended is that e.g. for d16 you roll a d8 and a d6, if the d6 reads 1-3, ignore it, if it rolls 4-6 you add +8 to the result on the d8. You could flip a coin, or use any other way of doing a 50-50 split. 50% of the time you get an even distribution between 1 and 8, and 50% of the time you get an even distribution between 9 and 16.

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