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      1. Gah!

        Well, it’s great for Celtic Barbarian renders. :p AlfaSeed (Aery Soul) is back and they have new things you should look at.

        Aery Soul has a talent for making tight, gaudy outfits beautiful.

  1. I like it…

    I’m curious but how are you lighting this stuff? Single source? Multiple?

    And the Render… is that ray traced?

    And the skin… what is it? Genesis?

    1. There’s 5 lights in this scene, all spotlights – 1 above, 1 front left, 1 front right, 1 low and 1 main spot which is casting the shadow of the figure.

      They are all casting shadows using Shadow Mapping, set to 55%. The main light is set to Shadow Bias 1 with each other light having Shadow Bias 0.8, 0.6, 04 then 0.2 in turn. I’ve found this setup gives realistic soft shadows in a fraction of the time Raytraced shadows take.

      Oh, and the figure is Victoria 4 with the Briana body shape and texture.

      Hope that helps!

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