Ten things to know about DAZ Studio 4

1. Ooooh! New shiny!
DAZ Studio 4 is the latest version of my render application of choice. DAZ Studio 4 updates the underlying core libraries and render engine and also brings a whole new workflow, interface and generation of figure to the table. Read on for more details.


2. It’s free!
DAZ Studio 4 Standard Edition is free right now, but only for a limited time. After that it will cost around $50, and still a bargain. There is also expected to be an always free (but cut down in some way) Lite version as well as an Advanced and a Pro Edition for increasing amounts of cash. There is talk about some kind of web-based ultra-lite free trial edition, but that seems to be some way away as yet, if it appears at all.

The current (and free) Standard Edition is feature complete – there’s no time limits, silly watermarks or resolution constraints. This is the same version of DAZ Studio 4 Standard Edition that will cost money at a later date, and includes all future updates and upgrades, for free. Not bad, eh?


3. Genesis
The hot news about DAZ Studo 4 is that is comes complete with DAZ3D’s next generation figure. Meet Genesis.


In the beginning, everyone ran around like this


Genesis is total unimesh figure that can be anything you want it to be. Morph dials can turn the figure into a Male, Female, Child, Alien, Bodybuilder and more – or any combination you choose. The base Genesis figure that comes with DAZ Studio 4 Standard is effectively Michael 4, Victoria 4, Kids 4 and a sizable chunk of their Morphs++ packs, all rolled into one. Joint modelling in particular is much improved; Genesis has none of those ugly fake crease lines we saw under Victoria 4’s shoulders.

Note that Genesis is a whole new figure, and is NOT compatible with existing V4 or M4 character morphs (textures are compatible though – see below). I expect additional Morph packs will be coming soon which enhances the figure further. As this is a gender neutral figure (Male or Female is just a spin of the dials) I expect we’ll see just one Anime Morph pack (rather than the Aiko & Hiro morphs needed for V4 and M4), a single Freak Morph pack which will bulk up both male and female figures, one Creature Morph pack (again, no need for one for male and one for female), and more.


…. then there were clothes

The other advantage with the Genesis figure is that all clothes made for it will be usable by both Male and Female figures. If (like me) you love rendering Fantasy and Superhero themed scenes, that’s a huge win. At last the Female figure will get decent armour, and with one single unified Bodysuit on the horizon it will be far easier to create superhero teams where the members all wear matching uniforms.


Same clothes, same figure, different sex

I should mention that this is nothing new. Victoria 4.2 had a Male Morph, but it was sadly underused and under-supported by the vast majority of content developers including DAZ3D themselves. I hope that this new push for a genuine universal mesh bears fruit this time around. From what I have seen so far, Genesis is a terrific figure and well deserves to succeed.


Children too. If I can’t make a decent Halfling Rogue from this, shoot me.


4. Included content
Aside from the base Genesis figure, DAZ Studio 4 Standard also includes:

  • Male, Female and Child base resolution textures (shown above – they’re not half bad at all)
  • Male, Female and Child Wetsuit textures
  • Aldora Hair
  • Duke Hair
  • Sally Mae Hair
  • WildMane Hair
  • Journeyer Scout clothing (pants, boots, sash, vest, wristguards, armband, katana)
  • Magus clothing (boots, collar, jacket, leggings, shorts, earrings, staff)
  • K4 Basic Wear (boxers, briefs, shirt, tankini)
  • The DAZ SubDragon LE (yep, a dragon, for free!)
  • Aikanaro scenery
  • Alchemy Chasm scene
  • UberArea Lights
  • UberEnvironment 2 Lights (all renders on this page use UE2 Park light, medium quality)
  • … and more. I’m still working through the list like a kid in a candy store!

As all of the clothes can be mixed’n’matched and work with both the male and female morphs, this is a great starting wardrobe for fantasy and modern day renders, and could be pressed into service for superhero renders too with a little creative texturing. What this space!


No, not this space. The other space.

5. It works with all your current content
This is worth emphasising: if you currently use DAZ Studio 3, all of the existing content will work with DAZ Studio 4 just fine. There’s one notable (and temporary) exception: Dynamic Clothing does not yet work with DAZ Studio 4, but that is expected to be enabled in an update Real Soon. The dynamic clothing engine has not yet been updated to the new libraries, but when it is this feature will be rolled out to Standard Edition, for free.

If like me you have a frickin’ huge Runtime folder full of years worth of existing and much loved figures, clothes, props, hair and more, you’ll find they all work just fine inside DAZ Studio 4, right out the box. If you’re new to the render game, it’s comforting to know that there’s a decades worth of content out there, ready and waiting for you.

An added bonus is that textures made for Michael 4, Victoria 4 and Kids 4 work on the Genesis figure. Select the figure, then head into the Surfaces tab, select the correct UV Map, and you’re done. This means you’re not limited to just the provided base texture provided with DAZ Studio 4 Standard, but have access to thousands of other texture sets including the outstanding Elite textures for Vicky and Mike. Poses should also work to a fair degree, but expect some tweaking and fine-tuning along the way.


Genesis wearing Michael 4’s Elite Rob texture rather well

6. New layout if you want it, customizable if you don’t
When you first start up DAZ Studio 4, it looks something like this:


The layout is designed to be easy to use for someone new to the world of 3D with important tabs for content, positioning and all the basics right at your fingertips. Everything has a tooltip, and big fat friendly sliders are the order of the day.

One thing that has always been one of DAZ Studio’s strengths is that the interface is highly customizable to your tastes, and DAZ Studio 4 is no exception. Thanks to AprilYSH’s tips on how to turn the interface into a more comfortable layout for longtime DAZ Studio 3 users, plus my own tweaks to fit my netbook’s smaller screen, my own layout looks like this:


Much more workmanlike


It’s good that DAZ3D has taken the time and care to create a user interface which is designed specifically for new users, and extra kudos to them that you are entirely free to change it once the training wheels are off.


7. Render times
My own unscientific tests on my utterly lovely netbook (about as minimal a spec computer as you can get these days) show that DAZ Studio 4 is a touch faster than DAZ Studio 3 when rendering, and significantly faster to set up and load content. On your own systems your experience may differ, of course, but it’s good to see that the new edition doesn’t demand new hardware just to be able to run. Nice one, DAZ3D!

Hair is still a killer when it comes to render times, especially when using the UberEnvironment lights. For example, the render below took around 30 minutes to complete, and a good 50% of that time was on the hair. Nonetheless, I would have expected a render like this to take about an hour under DAZ Studio 3, so it’s definitely made a step in the right direction.


Genesis wearing V4 Sakura texture, Magus outfit and Aldora hair

8. What’s missing
There has to be a catch right? There’s a few, but nothing show-stopping. The 64bit version isn’t released yet, and dynamic clothing is Coming Soon. Some shaders which were designed specifically for DAZ Studio 3 are unlikely to work (the Poserwork shaders in particular, as I understand it) until they are recompiled and updated. This released has benefited from a long and extensive open beta testing period, but there’s bound to be bugs lurking and waiting to be discovered. DAZ Studio has a solid history of releasing regular updates though, so I expect any nasty bugs to be squished rapidly over the coming weeks.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that DAZ Studio 4 installs a CMS Service demon which auto-starts and runs in the background on your computer as a kind of mini-indexer for your DAZ Studio and Poser content. This is designed to speed up searching through your Runtime folder (particularly when it gets very large), but some users are unhappy with the idea of Yet Another Service eating up their computer memory, especially when DAZ Studio itself is not running. If you wish, you can turn it off or uninstall it entirely with no negative side effects – it just means you can only use the Content Library tab to access content, and the My Stuff tab will be unpopulated and can be removed.


9. It installs alongside DAZ Studio 3
Perhaps best of all, DAZ Studio 4 installs into a separate folder and does not interfere with an existing DAZ Studio 3 installation at all.

If you currently use DAZ Studio 3, there’s nothing to be lost by giving DAZ Studio 4 a try. I plan to keep both on my computer while I learn the ropes with the new kid, and it’s good to know that my trusty copy of DAZ Studio 3 is there when I need the comfort blanket of a familiar application.


Genesis with M4 Elite Rob texture, K4 Basic Wear top and boxers

10. DAZ3D likes You Tube
There’s no shortage to tutorials, information and details about how to get the best out of DAZ Studio 4 over on DAZ3D’s You Tube channel. If you want to take DAZ Studio 4 for a spin, I recommend spending some time over there to learn more about the new features. The videos also detail the (many) new features which I haven’t even begun to explore yet.

There’s a full list of DAZ Studio 4 videos and tutorials at the bottom of this post. Here’s the overview vid.


(I mentioned DAZ Studio 4 is free, right?)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was always intrigued with DAZ and wanted to give it a spin, just never got around to it. With this promotion I just grabbed everything I could. Not sure what of the stuff that is on sale will actually work with 4 yet but hey, free is free! Now lets watch a tutorial or two. I wish there where two me´s so I could do and learn everything I want to *sigh*

  2. I’ve already used it. Three times. One for a test render when it was in BETA, and another yesterday. I didn’t use the Genesis figure yet, though. But I did show it off.

  3. You know… I might want to play with this.

    What’s a good place to start. Also, is there a good place to find free stuff for it.

    It seems pretty obvious that they make their money through selling models and textures, etc…

    1. There’s an awful lot of free stuff available online for DAZ Studio, if you know where to look. Here’s a few pointers in the right direction:

      DAZ3D themselves release a new freebie every week (the current one is this Classic Pole Arms pack) and they are consistently of high quality. After the week is up, the product goes into their store as a non-free item, so it’s worth grabbing them asap. Sign up for DAZ’s weekly newsletter to see what they are offering each week.

      DAZ’s store also has a free items section which list everything they have that is for free. This includes the essential Victoria 4 and Michael 4 Base Figures as well as the Aiko, Girl, Stephanieand other morph sets for the Generariob 4 figures. These aren’t going to be free forever, so grab them while you can.

      The other two great places to look for free contents is ShareCG and Renderosity’s Freestuff section. Any content which is designed for Poser (barring items which is Dynamic clothing and designed for Poser – the two dynamic systems aren’t compatible, but these items are relatively uncommon) will work just fine in DAZ Studio.

      Be warned though: looking through and installing free stuff is highly addictive, and will fill up your hard drive like nothing else :D

  4. That’s a nice breakdown of DAZ Studio 4, I had a hard time moving from 2.3 to 3 due to the vast amount of changes that were made, however 4 looks like it might be easier to migrate to, plus being able to install them side-by-side being a bonus!

    The new Genesis figure look interesting, having a versatile figure makes it easier for those wondering what Character Models/Morphs they will need etc.

    One thing I thought should be mentioned though….it’s a 400MB download! (For those who suffer from poor download speeds) :D

  5. I got to play with it last night. I had some luck, and was quite happy with how the defaults worked.

    Robin, you might want to check out some background scenery for your images… I came across Terragen a few years back.


    Gallery (All of the images here are simulations.)

    Its designed to simulate environmental conditions (weather water, mountains) and construct an image of what that might look like.

    On a side note: HTF do you get other models to download and work like the defaults. Near as I can tell, I’m meant to use the directory interface, and not the fun easy demo interface.

  6. Downloaded Studio 4 a couple of weeks ago. So far so good with the Genesis figure etc – but there is NO dragon !
    Is this restricted to paid for versions?

  7. Howdy! Newbie here, but how do you get the content to show in the My Stuff window? I watch the videos and it is already there at the beginning of each video–doesn’t state how to Import it…

    Searched through the files of DAZ Studio 4, no go there either.

    Help a dummy?

    1. Currently, the only things which appear in the My Stuff tab are those items which apply to the Genesis figure, and only when it is selected. Oh, and the DAZ Content Management service must be running (it takes next to no memory for it to be running, and doesn’t interfere with anything else).

      Some people have reported that it doesn’t find content for them, but I’ve had no problems so far. I suggest you ask at the DAZ3D forums if it’s not working for you. Sorry I can’t be more help than that.

      All in all, the My Stuff tab isn’t a lot of use right now, but in the future it will be a great way to filter and view your content based on what you have selected in the scene. Imagine clicking on a backdrop prop, for example, and the My Stuff tab will automatically show available textures, props, etc. Click on a figure, and it shows clothes, poses and characters. Click on an animal and…. you get the idea.

  8. I agree with everything you wrote and everything is working really well but i’m rather puzzled as to why the the texture map for Micheal 4 from daz studio 3 are not working on genesis but the Victoria 4 map texture are working very well
    I should add all my texture were for poser and work in daz 3 so it really should be the same..do you have a solution…thank you for the tutorial

    1. Hey fluffgirl, glad you’re liking DAz Studio 4 too!

      to use a Michael 4 texture on Genesis, first apply the texture (it’ll look odd, but we’re going to fix that). Select the figure, then head into the Surfaces tab. Make sure the figure is selected in there too, then find the UV Map dropdown box. Choose Michael 4, and those textures will magically snap into place.

      Hope that helps!

  9. thank you so much..i actually manage to get one right ..will you be writing when new product and update are publish..??? i will be looking for your feed back…thank you so much…. yvonne

  10. He,
    When you mentioned, “Dynamic Clth is coming”, does that mean the dynamic cloth from Optitex or dynamic cloth that you can create in DS4 itself?
    I have a friend who needs to be able to create dynamic cloth within DS4 before he can migrate over from Poser.
    Anyone know?
    Great review – I’m still going through your “old” tutes for Daz 2.3-ish [I’ve just seen the light and am in the process of migrating from Poser to DS.
    Within a couple of days, my stuff already looks better than my Poser work!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words :)

      DS4 will get the dynamic cloth by Optitex. It’s a simpler system to use, but unfortunately (unlike Poser) there’s not yet an easy way to create your own items. That’s promised “soon” too.

  11. Hi, i wonder why puppeter in daz studio 4 the free version… is not complete as in daz studio 3… i watch the movies on youtube which explains very bad but still usefull… they have daz studio 3 and there is a full range of possibilities in puppeteer… in daz 4 u get a little worthless window which does nothing???

    1. The disadvantage with puppeteer right now is that there are no presets provided for Genesis. They will come, but in the meantime you can add your own.

      Open the puppeteer tab and make it larger by dragging out the bottom left corner (or dock it to the side), then select a Pose for Genesis. With the edit mode in puppeteer selects, click anywhere on the grid to lock that pose. Then select another pose, and click somewhere else.

      Now switch puppeteer to preview mode, and you can choose anywhere between the 2 (or more) poses and they will automatically blend according to where you’ve selected. You can do the same thing with body morphs and expressions too. Puppeteer is a great way to store a bank of characters, looks and poses all in one place.

      Hope that helps!

  12. This was great I have Daz 4 downloaded but get blown away just by going in there. But I have the new morphs that just came out for genesis. Can my existing hair work on the genesis figures as you said in just 2 years of using DAZ I have a ton of stuff.

    1. I’ve found that most hair for Victoria 4 works just fine with Genesis. You might need to tweak the scale or move it a touch to get it exactly in place, but it’s a lot simpler than, say, getting a Victoria 4 hair to fit Kids 4.

      I’ll write a “how to fit hair to Genesis” tutorial later this week :)

  13. Quick question for anyone. I worked with dsa4 in beta and had a jolly time. When this was actually released recently, the files I made in dsa3 and opened in 4 no longer work in 3. Anyone else have this problem?
    I submitted a ticket to daz but didn’t get much help from the generic response.
    Right now (and I did redownload the standard copy of ds4) if I make a scene in dsa3 which I have in 64bit) and open in ds4, I can not open in it 3, even if I don’t save it. GRRRRRR!!!! Half of my library is locked up right now, unable to open it in 3…

    1. As I understand it, DS4 saves aren’t backwards compatible with DS3. It’s something to do with it writing additional object information into the data folder when it saved .daz scene files.

      If you want to be able to load the scene back in DS3 (for example, to use Reality) you could export the whole scene as an .obj and import it back in. Not ideal I know, but it might work as a temporary fix until a better solution comes along.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help.

      1. My apologies for just getting around to reading this. Long nights in front of the project viewer, ie computer screen.

        Anyhow, I inadvertently found a solution for my problem, or it could be just a fluke. Rather than doing the obj export/import, I opened a new file and loaded a default character I had, then simply opened the ‘corrupted’ ds4 file back into ds3a via the Merge function. Presto!
        Might be of use to others in the same boat. Thanks for the speedy reply as well.

  14. It’s also worth a mention that there is absolutely NO documentation!
    (save for a smattering included in a unfinished wiki)
    The only info included is a few beta version product feature videos, which mearly glosses over the features but doesn’t give any info on how to actually use the new plugins and it’s features, thereby crippling DS4A/Pro’s true function!

    1. Documentation? Bah, humbug! Nobody reads that stuff anyhow. I mean, when was the last time anyone read (or even tried to find) documentation for Firefox, Word, Powerpoint or any of a host of other programs? :D

      Seriously though, I call foul on the whole “there is no documentation” thing. There’s a rather good Quickstart Guide for DAZ Studio 4 available right on the product page (it’s also right there in the DAZ Studio help menu too). Between that and the Fiery Genesis tutorial (which should really be included as a part of DAZ Studio itself, imho), that’s plenty to chew on for a new user.

      The DAZ3d videos on youtube just get better every day. I suggest you give them another look as well.

      The documentation built into DAZ Studio 4 itself ranges from “non existent” to “poor” though. If you hit F1 the only content there is in the DAZ Studio Express section, but it does apply to all versions and isn’t a bad introduction to the workflow. This is something DAZ recognize have to fix, and now they’ve employed a full time documentation bod, it should hopefully improve with each new update. I’m hoping we see documentation for the advanced Shader settings in particular.

      I agree that the artzone wiki is a flop. They made the mistake of thinking we users would all rush to fill it up with our own tutorials, tricks and tips – and that just didn’t happen. Shame on us, and shame on them for overestimating human nature.

  15. It looks great but if you did not use the earlier versions how do you replace the default figure. I have used Poser 1 thru 8 and figure replacement for the most part stayed the same. Without direction on this and other key operations it is hard to transition to. some one point the way I will try to follow.

  16. It’s hard to believe that a brilliant software like Daz studio is available for free. I have been using Daz for over five years for professional purposes.

    1. Yes, absolutely. DAZ Studio has a full animation suite built right in. It’s not something I’ve used much though, so I’m not the right person to ask anything about it :)

  17. Hey this program looks great but I cannot load stuff in my smart content window to use. The folder set up is confusing for me can someone provide me with some help like screenshots of how to put my folders and where my genesis addons are in the first place ive been searching for hours.


  18. Since you’re a pro at DAZStudio 3 and also have 4, for a guy who learned LIghtwave/Modeler and have not used any modeling program in a while, where do I put any downloads of content, people, props, et al? I am 59 and thought it would be so simple to just open up each freebie or item and it would automatically be placed into the appropriate folder, but I see that it isn’t, while some characters come up with a question as to which fol\der I want it in when I don’t know and neither DAZStudio, nor third parties really explain where to put what! I have tried to load my characters, clothi9ng, and more in an old computer that I had DAZStudio 3 and 4, but with no luck, while I am quit frustrated at getting anything I purchase or get for free, into the appropriate folders so I can work with DAZStudio 4! I would appreciate any help you would give me.


    1. Hi Steve and ianos, and thanks for dropping by. I’ll try to answer both your questions at the same time as they’re closely related.

      You can unzip new content into your My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library folder, and DAZ Studio should pick it up just fine. If you check in there, you’ll find a folder called Runtime. Provided the content goes in and adds to that, DAZ will find it.

      You will see the items in DAZ Studio in the Content Library tab, under Poser Formats->My Library.

      DAZ Studio also offers a “Smart Content” view, but this is only good for DAZ3d exclusive products for Genesis, so it’s of limited use so far. My advice is don’t use it, and stick with the Content Libary for now, especially if you’re adding freebies ‘n’ stuff from other sites.

      As I’m sure you’ll rapidly find out, adding content in this way is exactly the wrong way to do it! Addig to your main Runtime folder will quickly make it unmanageable. It’s easy to end up with many gigabytes-worth of content all stored in that one location, making being able to find anything all-but impossible. DAZ Studio 4 is much better than prior versions in that regard, but it’s well worth planning ahead.

      DAZ Studio can use multiple Runtime folder, meaning it’s easy to sort your content and organise things easily. I keep my main Runtime folder reasonably clean with just “official” DAZ3d items installing there. Some users add Runtimes for Male and Female characters, or by genre (Fantasy, Modern, SciFi, etc). It’s always worth having a “Dump” Runtime folder that you clean out occassionally, just to try stuff out.

      Create a new Folder underneath your Download folder called (for example) DS Freebies, and unzip any content into that. The important thing is that each new item adds to the Runtime folder underneath there. Runtime folders are special – it’s where DAZ Studio (and Poser) expects to find the Geometries, Libraries and Textures that make up the content.

      Within DAZ Studio, go to Edit->Preferences and click the Content Library tab, then Content Directory Manager. From here you can click Poser Formats and Add new Runtime folders. Previous versions of DAZ Studio were limited to 10 – AFAIK there’s now no limit other than your own sanity :) I have 5 (Main, Legacy, Superheroes, Other Figures and Temp (my dump folder)), and how you organize yours is entirely up to you.

      Hope that helps!

  19. Hi.
    Im new in Daz . how can i import previous poser character such as (sam the boy) in Daz 4 pro
    Thx anyway.I can’t import it by usual (File–>imort )
    Thanks anyway.

    1. If you have the poser Runtime folder already in place, just add it to DAZ Studio and you’ll be able to see it in the Content Library. See a few comments up for details how to do this.

  20. Can’t figure out where to put the Runtime folder on Daz Studio Pro 4.2 64-bit! Where is your Runtime folder in your /ProgramFiles/DAZ3D/ folder hierarchy?! ;) Thanks! Walls.

    1. It doesn’t – it goes in the My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library folder, but see above in the comments where I show how to add new Runtime folders, and why that might be a good idea.

      Hope that helps!

  21. Hi
    How can I use poser (pose character for example Bomshel Beauty ) other character such as Hiro toon in genesis (Shaping) tabs.
    I like to use Genesis auto fit ability to conform cloth to the specefic poser pose character or Character which is not included in autofit clothing. For example (Sam the Boy or Hiro toon), is there anyway to create shaping preset for genesis (In shaping tabs) that simulate Hiro or Sam body then we can use all M4 cloth for these two characters like cloth convertor.
    thanks anyway.

  22. Cant find puppeteer tab in my Daz 4 PRO. Can you tell me how to invoke or enable the puppeteer tab?

    Thank you in advance

  23. One very important point about Daz Studio 4…any older content you install might have a folder called “Content.” that folder has been renamed in Studio 4 to “My Library.” Everything else, the folder hierarchy, is the same. So any folders under Content should be copied to My Library. And also, Runtime folders should be copied there. Learn to use the Categories tool in Content Manager. It is your friend.

  24. I just uninstalled studio 3 and am currently downloading 4.I am putting this page in my bookmarks.I rarely read or comprehend tutorials ,however,you have made this concise and an enjoyment to read as opposed to the usual chore of tuts.Thank-you so much.I am confident I will be back for more help.

  25. i wish to add my thanks to micheles above.
    this is a first time for me for a program like this and your page has helped me a great deal. daz is a bit confusing for a first timer like me so i hope you dont mind a few questions from time to time! cheers

  26. Hi Greywulf, your tips and hints have been very useful for me as a newbie to DS4. I am sorry to bug you but could you help? I downloaded the free version of DS4 (Mac version) recently and have really enjoyed playing around with it. I have spent some money on buying genesis stuff (creature pack morphs etc.) and have been getting to grips with the software. I have noticed that when I try to get into the surface colour tab there is no edit mode and I cannot access the colour wheel/palette – it just is not there. The skin textures for V5 (which I bought) and the other freebies are there as presets but no edit mode. Is it just not included in the free version or am I missing something? Hope you can help me out (before I chuck away more cash on goblins with Victoria skin tones!

  27. Greywulf, the newbie has solved his own problem via DAZ help desk – needed to be in “city limits” – all was revealed to me. Apologies for dumb post and plea for help. Incidentally help desk guy was very helpful. Thanks again for a great site.

  28. hey grewulf,dumb question if you wouldnt mind!
    i have daz4 standard and i have a lot of free stuff on disc from a digital art magazine.
    ive tried to install one of these (victoria4 base) and it says ive installed it,but i cant find it for the life of me. youve probably answered this question a hundred times but could you tell me how to find it or point me to the right tutorial so i can figure it out?
    sorry to bother you with this but im a complete novice and id appreciate a push in the right direction! cheers

    1. Make sure you have the Content Library tab open (if not, go to Window->Tabs and activate it), then go to Poser Formats->My Library. You’ll find the content you have installed there, under Figures, Pose, Props, etc.

      Hope that helps!

      1. many thanks gw.
        sorry for the stupid questions but this program is a bit like juggleing spaghetti for a novice! cheers

  29. I’m new to DS4 and was wondering if I put the hair,clothing,etc. in the plugins folder??? What do I put in the ‘runtime” folder(s)?? Btw-Great blog! Dave

    1. The only thing that goes in the plugins folder is plugins :)

      Put the Hair, Clothing, etc into your My Library folder to that the Runtime folder goes into the same place as the one which is already there.

      You should then find the content in DAZ Studio in Poser Formats in the Content Library tab. See my reply just above.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      1. Not sure that I follow you as each hair,clothing folder has a content folder and has it’s own runtime folder. do I copy each of the runtime folders and paste them into the My Library folder with IT’S runtime folder and Merge them together????? Sorry to sound like a dumass.

        1. Yes, exactly that.

          Put everything in the content folder into your My Library folder, letting it overwrite the Runtime folder and anything else. It won’t actually overwrite anything, just add the new files.

          I’ll write up a tutorial on how to add new content (and use multiple Content folders) later this week.

  30. Is it possible to have two Genesis figures in the workspace? For instance, how do I get two actors in the scene to pose them as if they were dancing together or dueling each other?

    1. Make sure the first figure isn’t selected, and double-click Genesis Base from the Content Library tab to create a new figure. They will both take up the same physical space in the scene (at position 0,0,0) until you pose and move them. For example, select one of the Genesis figures and in the Parameters tab move him/her to X=-200 to move him to the left. You can use the Y Rotation Parameter to rotate the figures to they are facing each other.

      Hope that helps!

  31. Tengo años intentando con Poser, he probado desde la version 4 hasta el pro 2012, sin embargo, siempre me da problemas de cuelgues imprevistos, anomalías, trompeteras, cogederas de culo y pare de contar.

    Durante todo ese decurso de tiempos fallidos y perdidas de días, logré cristalizar cinco proyectos, todos listos para la siega, pero el bendito poser siempre me inhabilita e incendia la cosecha, por este cardumen de problemas y de su mañosa causalidad, solamente lo he estado usando para hacer algunas cosillas cortas y mis diseños gráficos.

    Actual estoy intensificando mis esfuerzo con MAYA y Cinema 4D, cuyos me están favoreciendo en grande.

    Cuando conocí a DAZ estudio 3.0 lo vi demasiado simple, era como ver una mosca en una basurero y poco le di importancia, mas bien incursioné un poco en Carrara 8, a cuyo aun no le he entrado bien a fondo, sin embargo, hace una semana atrás leí sobre la regalada de DAZ y decidí aventurarme, al entrar a los aposentos 3d de DAz me quede sorprendido, no solo aproveche de descargar Daz 4.0, si no en igual a Bryce 7 y a Hexagon 2.

    ¡De maravillas! me quede colgado y babeando como niño comiendo mucosidad cuando vi la interfaz de DAZ ESTUDIO 4, ¡coño! valió la pena, aquello es del carajo, de la gloria y finiquito su procedencia como algo super invaluable, inmejorable y como una alternativa al endiablado Poser Pro 2012.

    Lo probare en grande, ya estoy buscando recursos de tutoriales en la red, aunque en la diversidad de la búsqueda la mayoría de los vídeos en Youtube, lamentablemente están en ingles y no me sirven para nada.

    Escribí este comentario para dar de gracias a la compañía Daz… ¡Que Dios los bendiga!

  32. Is the free part a trial? I’ve actually had daz downloaded for awhile now but never got around to using it.. I read somewhere else that someone downloaded it then noticed they only had a certain amount of time to use the poduct before they had to pay. The website seems to cleverly admit that the product wil lnot be free forever but does not imply that the downloaded copies will be forever free or not.

  33. Is there a movie maker version that works with DAZ3D 4 standard version? I recently downloaded the free version of studio 4 and wanted to add the movie maker but it will not load. I heard the current version is only for DS3, is this true? Help!!!!!


  35. I just bought the girl 4 base and cant figure out how to use it with daz3d 4. I am on qindows 7 64 bit. I keep trying to install it but nothing. I try to double click it, drag it into the daz viewport, and it keeps saying I need to have something selected. Do I need victoria? Im totally lost, brand new to daz. I just want to use my the model I just bought. Do I need poser?

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