Character du Jour: Warrant

Far above the Earth’s atmosphere, a starship exploded. The occupant’s body vaporized immediately, but immortal Ilirya are far harder to kill than that. Its soul took flight in search of a new host.

Meanwhile, a police officer lay dead. His body was twisted and broken by the fall from the bridge onto the hard concrete far below, his last memories of the greenscaled villain that laughed while he dangled him over the edge before letting go. His hand still held the Warrant for the villain’s arrest, crushed tight as rigor began to set in.

A body without a soul, and a soul without a body. They were destined to meet.

The alien soul entered silently and set to work, rebuilding and reforming the body into the perfect host. It tapped into the latent memories of the brain, discovering much about the man he was now to become, and of the world which he now had to call home until he found a way to return to the stars.

He found that Officer Shane Burton is a noble man, proud of his country and dedicated to serving others. The soul took these traits, and saw the opportunity to turn his time on this earth to productive use. That night, Shane Burton became Warrant, supercop guardian and protector of the common man.


Notes: Take two parts Guardian, one part Superman/Martian Manhunter, one part Judge Dredd and one part Captain America. Shake, and serve.

Warrant can fly up to 500mph (Iliyran souls are stronger than gravity, don’t you know) and lift up to 100 tons. It goes without saying that he also packs quite a punch. His alien-improved physique has Olympic-class agility, can regenerate, is immune to critical hits, disease and poison and he doesn’t need to breath, eat, drink or sleep.

Fun fact: Iliryans never mastered faster than light travel. Instead they perfected the science of immortality through soul transference. They can regenerate and repair their host’s bodies but when they wear out they can hop into another body and continue crossing the stars with infinite patience and calm. Other species know them by another, darker name: Star Vampires.

Dirty little secret: What (or who) caused the starship to explode? Will Warrant really leave Earth if given the opportunity? What happens when the Star Vampires invade in search of new hosts and Warrant is forced to pick sides? Stay tuned to find out!

Quote: Petty crook: “Don’t hit me! I’m unarmed!”. Warrant: “That’s ok. So am I.”


Warrant AKA Officer Shane Burton
STR 10, STA 8, AGL 4, DEX 4, FGT 8, INT 1, AWE 2, PRE 2
Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fort 10, Tough 12, Will 8, Init +4

Acrobatics +10, Athletics +16, Expertise:Law +5, Insight +4, Perception +8, Persuasion +6, Ranged Combat:Throw +8
Inspire 2, Leadership, Teamwork, Close Attack 2, Diehard

Flight 8 (500mph), Immunity 10 (Life Support), Immunity 2 (Critical Hits), Power Lifting 2 (100tons), Protection 4, Regeneration 3

Unarmed +10 DC25

Complications: Motivation:Justice, Honour



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