What the world needs is a LEGO Doctor Who game

I want you to imagine, for a moment, that the nice people who made the frankly brilliant LEGO Star Wars & LEGO Batman games looked further afield for their inspiration, and their eyes turned to Doctor Who. Now, I know that Who games are traditionally terrible (and the latest Wii and DS games are way up there in awfulness), but I reckon that a LEGO Doctor Who game (or series of games) would be a wonderful thing; the perfect marriage of game and concept, no less.

For a start, you could have the TARDIS as the central control hub with countless siderooms and passageways to explore, and that all-important centre console to act as campaign command centre in a game that could encompass all of space and time. As a single-player game, you could either play as a problem-solving Doctor taking a role akin to Droids using cleverness to complete the level, or as a Companion who isn’t quite so opposed to violence. Different collectible Doctors could have special abilities too – Tom Baker could trip up monsters with his scarf, Jon Pertwee use Venusian Karate or Patrick Troughton beguil them with his penny whistle.

Add in all the Companions and you have the making of an amazing multi-player game which opens up a whole realm of what-if possibilities. What about teaming up William Hartnell (in black and white, of course) with Amy and Rory, or a LEGO K9 and Romana with Matt Smith? This could be a game where multiple Doctors and Companions criss-cross time streams and come up against LEGO Cybermen, Daleks, Sontarans (I WANT A LEGO SONTARAN!) and more, all in pursuit of some big time-breaking evil such as The Master or Omega.

But that’s not all. Unlock or buy other characters, as you can with other LEGO games, and you could play as the monsters themselves. Me, I’d kill to be able to play a LEGO Ice Warrior or an Ood. If they included the “create your own character” booth too, you could mix and match the body parts, putting Rose Tyler’s head and body into Davros’ chair. Now there’s a thought.

So, what do you think?

Is LEGO Doctor Who a game that demands to be made?

I say yes!



6 Comments on “What the world needs is a LEGO Doctor Who game”

  1. GENIUS!! YES!!
    I think the LEGO games are fun, well-made little pieces of retro-chic. If all those little details were incorporated, the EPIC will rain down =) Seriously, who do you need to contact? This needs to happen!! good luck

  2. That would be so much fun! The LEGO games are always well don and I absolutely love Doctor Who! Oh, could you imagine playing as a LEGO Judoon? I would love that!

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