Continuing with images of the Batman Irregulars, here’s teeny-tiny Mudpuppet and her Mud Golem. She’s effectively two characters in one – Mudpuppet herself is a capable superhero magic-user in her own right, but then the player can summon the golem, play as him and go smash things. It’s like Raven from Teen Titans and The Thing, all wrapped up in one tiny bundle.

Unlike Johnny Cool she’s not yet wearing the coveted Batman logo as she doesn’t yet feel she has earned it – this despite Silencing Silver Banshee and effectively single-handedly taking down someone who beat Superman! This says a lot about their two personalities; Johnny Cool is the wise-ass jump-into-anything member of the team, where Mudpuppet is its insecure dark soul.

Next: Doc Pliable (Now there’s a challenge) along with a super-special write-up of Vanguard 2.0.

Mudpuppet, PL10 150pp
STR 2, STA 4, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 2, INT 4, AWE 4, PRE 4
Dodge 12, Parry 10, Fort 8, Tough 8/4, Will 11, Init +2

Expertise:Magic +10, Perception +8, Stealth +6
Defensive Roll 4, Ritualist

Summon 10 (150pp, Controlled, Heroic, Mental Link) – we used the Construct Archetype from M&M3e
Create 5 (DC15, 30 cubic foot)

Complications: Dark Secret, Power Loss when over 100′ away from natural earth

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