One of those annoying coming soon posts. And a fantasy babe.

Coming soon to a Greywulf Lair near you! Here’s what you can expect over the new few weeks. Hold on tight folks. It’s going to be one heck of a ride!

Ok, enough over-enthusiastic hyperbole. Here’s the list, as much for my use as a reminder as for your entertainment and erudition.

The question for you is: which should I tackle first?

Vanguard 2.0

Vanguard 2.0 is my newest hero for Mutants & Masterminds 3e. I’ve already previewed his appearance with a rather fine render (even if I say so myself, which I do) right here. Coming up is a full Character du Jour write-up complete with game stats, history and a whole closet full of Dirty Little Secrets. After that we’ll look at his HQ and the mysterious organization that lurks in the shadows around him. Where we go after that is anyone’s guess.

Here’s the teaser text for the write-up, all about Jon Schilling, the man inside the armour. Not all heroes began life as heroes, and not all of them are destined to end their lives that way. Jon Schilling is a hero now, but his past is far from pure.

Who is Jon Schilling? If you had asked that question five years ago, you would have been told that he was a mercenary, a scoundrel, and a murderer. If you had asked two years ago, It is likely you would have been held at Her Majesty’s Pleasure just for knowing his name, and questioned by the kind of people who think that inflicting physical pain and psychological terror is a valid interrogation technique.

If you had asked the question one year ago, you would have been told that Jon Schilling is dead.

If you had asked the question yesterday, you would have been told that he is a changed man.

Ask it today, and you will be told that you are asking the wrong question.

The question should be: What has Jon Schilling become?

It’s Not Easy Being Green

What happens when The Joker decides he needs a hobby, and that hobby is “collect Green things”. The Batman Irregulars are called in when a daring attack on Green Arrow results in him losing his trademark bow and arrows. Things go from bad to slapstick when The Joker renames himself Trick Arrow (I kid you not), goes toe to toe with the Green Lantern then heads off to Oa itself in search for the greenest thing of all. Are the Batman Irregulars up to the task, or will they show themselves to be just too green to handle the big guns of the DC Universe?

Expect cameo appearances from various Green Lanterns (including Alan Scott, the original and greatest Green Lantern of them all!), Martian Manhunter, Oracle, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing and as many other green-themed heroes and villains as I can come up with. Heck, if I can come up with an excuse I’ll put Hulk in there too, just because.

Solitaire Gaming

Can you play 4e D&D on your own with no GM or other players to spoil your fun? Sure you can, and here’s how!

Here’s where I take a look at different ways you can play all by your lonesome including Monster vs Monster Random Dungeon Tile Deathmatches, using Mythic as a GM Emulator and more. This is likely to turn into a whole series of posts, so watch this space!

A Super Secret RPG Week

I have a new RPG Week waiting in the wings, but I ain’t revealing what it is just yet. A no-prize goes to whoever guesses what it is!

To balance all of that boring coming soon stuff, I promised you a fantasy babe. Here y’go. Don’t push her too hard. She might fall over.

Till next time!

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  1. I’d say none of the above and a get back look at your enddays campain :p
    alternativly, I am curious about those posts about solitaire gaming.

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