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  1. Batman WAS a movie serial in the 40s – two of them, in fact. No moustaches, though. And YouTube has the imaginary Orson Welles “Batman,” which is really great, though it also is facial hair-free.

  2. @Dominowriting Wow. How did I not know this? Where have they been all my life.

    That’s it. I have a lot of catching up to do now. Thanks! :D

  3. I’ve seen the first ’40s Batman serial (at the ’30s-era theater, back when it ran a lot of old movies.) Which turned out to be useful when arguing with someone about the Japanese internment. One of my opponent’s claims was that no one knew Japanese Americans were being rounded up, so it wasn’t based on racism. As it so happens, that Batman serial is pretty damned racist, and refers directly to how Japantown in San Francisco was empty ever since “Uncle Sam wisely rounded up the slanty-eyed menace”.

    1. You never lived during the Second World War. My father did, I did not. Screaming racism does not erase the fact that we were at war with another ethnic group.

      The Batman serials were made during the War, so it’s natural that they would cast the Japanese as villains and potential spies. All you have to do is look up old Japanese propaganda films on how they saw us during the War.

      Are you going to call them racist?

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