Batman Irregulars versus Vampire Superman, part three

One of the (many) fun things about Mutants & Masterminds is that what is written on the character sheet is just a starting point. You can guarantee that once the action starts, your players will come up with all kinds of awesome funky stunts and tricks, and the game comes alive.

Here’s a case in point. Our heroes have been sent by Batman Himself to investigate rumours of a Vampire stalking the streets of Metropolis, and Superman is nowhere to be found. They are members of the Batman Irregulars, probationary heroes who act as reserves for Batman Incorporated. Some may even go on to become Batman’s appointed superhero in their home cities.

If they survive that long.

Right now, they are facing off against Silver Banshee, a super-villain from Superman’s past and she’s no pushover. Her biggest ability is her Banshee’s Wail which could (and has) taken down even Superman, but she needs to know her target’s name to be able to use it; against a bunch of total unknowns she’s at something of a disadvantage. She does have one ace in the hole though……….

Anyhow. On to the fight.

Rough Diamond wins initiative (he’s quick for a diamond-encrusted tough guy), shouts “Get behind me!”, immediately changes into his solid diamond form and says he’s going to Foot Stomp the ground the minute her feet touch the road. In game terms, that’s a Free Action (shouting out), a Move Action (changing form) and a Readied Action (getting ready to Foot Stomp).

Overclock activates his Personal Force Field, says “Whatever you’re up to missy, it ends here!”, aims his very steampunkish Energy Projector at her, and fires. She takes the hit (Bruised), and is knocked a few feet onto the floor….. and Rough Diamond stomps his foot creating a line of rippling force that tears up the road and slams into her, sending her reeling back further still (another Bruise).

Now it’s Silver Banshee’s turn. “Is this the best that Batman could bring?”, she sneers, floating up from the ground, “A few mewling children? Oh, you have no idea what you are dealing with, do you?” She flies at Overclock, easily lifting him off the ground (with STR 9 she can lift about 12 tons!) then dropping him from about 50’ up. Good thing he’s got that force field belt.

Meanwhile, Doc Pliable is up above, and Silver Banshee hasn’t noticed him.

He swoops down like a cross between a big rubber band and an eagle, uses his awesome grappling skills (Fastgrab + Improved Grab + Chokehold + Improved Hold ftw!) to hit Silver Banshee and envelop around her neck and head. Does a Banshee need to breath? Apparently so!

Both she and Doc Pliable hit the ground (the Doc’s rubbery form absorbs the impact for both of them, which is nice).

Mudpuppet  quickly creates a muddy cage around them, and Johnny Cool freezes it solid. They yell at Doc Pliable to get out of there, and he slithers through a gap in the cage, leaving Silver Banshee well and truly trapped.

Teamwork! Sniff. I’m so proud.

Silver Banshee stands. “Perhaps I under estimated you. That is not a mistake I will make again, children.” She lets out a high-pitched scream (piercing, but not harmful), then the leaves begin to twist and blow along the ground again. Just before she teleports away, she points to the sky and gives a skull-like grin.

“I leave you with a gift.”

Above them, hanging in the air, is Vampire Superman.

Coming up: An ass-whooping.

Rough Diamond, PL10 150pp
STR 4/12, STA 14, AGL 0, DEX 0, FGT 6, INT 2, AWE 0, PRE 2
Dodge 5, Parry 6, Fort 14, Tough 14, Will 5, Init +4

Expertise:Experimental Science +6, Expertise:Military +6, Insight +4, Perception +8, Ranged Combat:Throwing +4
Improved Initiative, Interpose

Burrowing 6 (4mph, Penetrating 3)
Diamond Skin: Reaction Damage 2 (DC 17 Penetrating 2)
Immunity 10:Life Support, Enhanced Stamina 10, Impervious Toughness 10,

Groundstrike: Burst Area Damage 10 (DC25, 30′ radius, target must be in contact with same surface)
– AE: Foot Stomp: Line Area Damage 10 (DC25, 30′ line, target must be in contact with same surface)

Solid Form (Move Action)
– Enhanced Strength 8
– Immunity 2 (Critical Hits)
– Power-Lifting 3 (800 tons)

Complications: Prejudice, Motivation:Acceptance


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