Batman Irregulars versus Vampire Superman, part two

Our heroes have arrived in Metropolis, checked into a hotel and just interrupted a Vampire attack. So far, so nice and peaceful. Time to mix things up a little!

Doc Pliable, Overclock, Rough Diamond, Johnny Cool and Mudpuppet return to the hotel where they finally check in with Batman.

“Been busy?”
”There’s definitely a Vampire here, and a powerful one.”
”Too busy to think to contact me then.”
”Sorry mum.”

Bats fills them in with what he knows so far. There’s still no sign of Superman anywhere on the planet, and his supernatural contacts say there’s an increased amount of necrotic activity around the Metropolis area. It is drawing Undead (and worse) like moths to a flame. He tells them to deal with this quickly otherwise they may have hordes of vampires, zombies and ghouls to deal with on the streets of Metropolis.

“That will make Superman unhappy. Worse still, I will be unhappy. Deal with it.”

So, no pressure then.

It’s about 2am but for some reason the heroes don’t feel like sleeping. Time to hit the streets again. Doc Pliable takes the high ground to act as scout, using his super-elastic arms like web-slingers to swing from building to building while Johnny Cool and The Gang roam the streets. I’m feeling kind, so give them each an in-ear communicator, courtesy of Wayne Enterprises.

When suddenly…….

Leaves whirl from nowhere and a sudden chill blast of salt air passes through you. A small tornado – no more than man height – forms just off the ground in front of you, and as it dissipates, a woman wearing skintight black with a pale face and long white flowing hair appears. you recognise her instantly: Silver Banshee!


Oh my. I do believe my next words were “Roll Initiative!”

Coming Up: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Overclock, PL10 150pp
STR 2, STA 1, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 4, INT 9, AWE 4, PRE 1
Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fort 8, Tough 11, Will 10, Init +2

Close Combat:Gadgets +10, Expertise:Science +19, Insight +8, Investigation +16, Perception +9, Ranged Combat:Energy Projector +8, Technology +19, Vehicles +6

Biological Overclocking: Move-By Action, Leaping 2, Quickness 2, Speed 5 (60mph, 900’/rnd)
Force Field Belt: Protection 10 (Sustained), linked to Immunity 6 (Critical Hits, Heat, Cold, High Pressure, Radiation)
Energy Projector: Blast 8 (DC23, Accurate 2)
– AE: Affliction 8 (Ranged, DC18 vs Fort. Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)
– AE: Blast 5 (DC20 Multiattack, Accurate 3)
– AE: Dazzle 9 (DC19 vs Fort, Close, 60′ Cone)

Accurate Attack, Beginner’s Luck, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 3, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Luck, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Skill Mastery (Technology)

HQ: Large, Toughness 10. Communications, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Security System, Workshop


6 Comments on “Batman Irregulars versus Vampire Superman, part two”

  1. Wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting Banshee’s stats. (if it won’t give anything away to your players)

    I enjoy seeing how people stat out known characters.

    1. No worries :)

      I did notice that the stats I posted are missing her ability to fly. That’s very low though, more like floating than flying. I’d give her Flight 2, or thereabouts.

  2. Hmmm, how about the Vampiric Superman? I’d love to see the stats for him. I did see that you mentioned where you got your starter stats for him, but I haven’t seen a final product.

    Also, I’ve thought Supes needed more of a PL 16 or even 17 level rather than 14. A bit more power in several areas, I think, are needed over the source you mentioned. But then, pretty soon he might start getting to be more of a story device than an actual character with which to contest.

    1. I’ll be posting full stats Real Soon.

      I agree that full Superman stats should be at least PL15, but this is a Superman who has had to stay out of the sun (being a Vampire has it’s drawbacks), so is weaker compared to his full-strength form (but he does have a grab-bag of other interesting powers to make up for it).

      That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it :)

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