Live Gallery is Live. And a Gallery.

A quick update as I’m running a little late due to a project we’re working on which involves moving n number of servers, sites and domain names across to other servers, where n = an ever increasing number as we find more servers, sites and domain names that need moving. Sheesh.


I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and (thanks to the miracle of Dropbox) share my entire Render folder, live with warts’n’all. This comes directly from the place I save my renders on my computer, into Dropbox and onto the gallery all in a matter of seconds, and all by magic. Or technology. Or something.

You will see my finished renders, incomplete ones, the stages involved in an image pre- and post-Photoshop treatment (where there is any involved), the different images I made to build a composite, and more. Some of them have seen light of day on this blog and other sites, but many haven’t. A lot are, quite frankly, not really what I’d consider good enough for release. Some renders might not turn out as I’d planned, or just be a quick render of a scene, prop or item of clothing I want to keep a note of. Not all are meant to be anything more than test renders or an attempt to see if I can break DAZ Studio’s render engine (and sometimes I manage too).

So please, bear that in mind. I hope you find something you like mixed in with all the dross. If nothing else, if it makes you think “Ha! Greywulf is crap! I could do better than that!” and download DAZ Studio to give it a try yourself then my work is done

Right now there are 1,523 renders up there dating from 2008 to today. For the sake of simplicity (and by simplicity I mean laziness) they are organized into yearly folders with the top level just containing the renders made this month.

A word of fair warning: there will be nipples. If this offends you in any way what are you doing on the internet. I’ve never understood how nudity can somehow be offensive (hey, we’re all naked under all these clothes) yet people will happily play games or watch movies that depict people being shot, mutilated and generally mistreated. But there you go. I don’t make the rules.

You can find the gallery by going to which will redirect you to the Dropbox gallery in the blink of an eye.

If you want to create your own Dropbox gallery, sign up for a Dropbox account (I get a 250Mb referral bonus, which is nice) then go into your Dropbox home folder in your browser and click the dropdown arrow that appears when you hover over the Photos folder (if there isn’t one, create it).  Select Gallery and you will see the public link which you can share to let others see your fine works of art. Any images you drop into that Photos folder on your computer will pretty much instantly be viewable online.

Clever, eh?

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