Character du Jour: Asbo

Some would argue that all Halflings are nasty little creatures at the best of times, and they may well be some truth to that. There are some few, thankfully few, Halflings that are so bad that even other Halflings give them a wide berth.

Asbo is one such Halfling, and all folks regardless of height or hairiness of feet would be wise to avoid him, or at least make sure you are not looking at the pointy end of his arrows. His real name is unknown; it’s doubtful he ever had one at all as his parents abandoned him when he was just a bairn and he was found and raised by a local tribe of Wood Elves.

They called him “child” until he was old enough to wield a weapon. When we received his own Shortbow he held it high and yelled “‘As Bow!” and the elves laughed. Thenceforth, his name was Asbo.

You would think that a Halfling raised by Elves would gain the best qualities of both races; a potent mixture of a Halfling’s gleeful curiosity and Elven grace and love of beauty.

You would think that, and you would be wrong. Asbo is the worst of his breed and upbringing; a sneaky thieving ambusher with little or no concept of personal possessions or hygiene. The Elves finally despaired (or became bored, as Elves often do) and deposited him beyond their forest and set up wards to prevent his return.

Asbo was now an outcast of two races. Unloved and unlovable, he took the only path open to him.

He joined an adventuring party.

Asbo’s reputation precedes him and the Goblins flee.

Dirty Little Secret: He is dirty, little and secretive. What more do you want?

Notes: Here in the UK, ASBO is a common abbreviation for Anti-Social Behaviour Order, a civil legal order issued to people who carry out disruptive behaviour such as playing loud music at 3am, spraying graffiti and generally doing things that Right Minded Folk disapprove of.  Perfect name for a Halfling, then.

Here is Asbo’s pdf character sheet at 3rd Level. Note that despite all of his faults (and they are many indeed) his Charisma is 10; there’s always foolish folk who find something appealing about the worst of cases. Such folks might even call him cute, in the same way that the ugliest nastiest dog in the litter is often the cutest.

Good luck with this one.

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  1. sorry for posting this here – I can’t for the life of me figure out how to just send you an email.

    I appreciate your tutorials a lot, I’m a new 3d artist, and had to come up to speed quickly with poser pro 2010, DAZ, Vue, and Photoshop, (animation is my end goal).

    I ran across this offer for a animation 3d package, never heard of it before. does this look legit to you? Is it worth adding to ones toolset?



    1. Hmmmm. It’s not a render engine I’ve head of before, and usually ones that claim to create images of the quality it’s showing in the gallery create quite a buzz.

      There have been a series of scams doing the rounds in the 3d community lately. One guy in particular has been setting up fake websites to get people to buy Blender (which is free and open source), passing it off as a completely new and unique application. It could be linked to that, but the site and unusual way they are marketing it is not his style.

      I dunno. Could be genuine. There is a demo available so I’ll download it and give it a try.

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