From Drawing to Render

Over on twitter, my good friend @symatt asked if I could render some characters for his superhero game. Considering he used two of my favourite words (“render” and “superhero”), how could I refuse?

Unlike this old ‘wulf, symatt is a halfway decent artist in his own right, and gave me his own sketches to work with. This helped in spades as I could (as much as is possible) match colours and details. Even such things as the way he poses the characters told me something about the character’s personality. Are they charging head-first or standing confidently? Are the crouching to strike, or hiding in the shadows? Things like this say as much about the hero as the colour of their bodysuit does.

Here’s symatt’s original drawings, along with my concept renders. The goal wasn’t to reproduce them, but to capture something about the hero (and villain) so it was recognisably the same guy.

I hope I succeeded.

White Rhino




This was a quick & dirty render just to show symatt what could be done, hence the lack of background. I’d like to revisit White Rhino and give him better treatment at some point.




While posing Cavalier I ended up with him in a position that looked like he was skateboarding. Which promptly led to….


Yellow Hammer








With thanks to @symatt for letting me post up his drawings. Go follow him and say hi!

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