Kobold Hall for Minecraft is DONE!

I’ve been building Kobold Hall, the adventure/delve presented in the 4e D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, using Minecraft. It’s taken a while, and I’m happy to say that’s it is now complete. My main goal in this has been to get a sense of what a dungeon map actually looks like when turned into a walkthrough 3D map. What I’ve found out is that even a “small” dungeon such as Kobold Hall is darned big! Building this will certainly affect how I view and describe my dungeon adventures in future, that’s for sure.

All five encounters are fully mined out and will soon be ready for willing victims to try their hands at exploring this sadly under-rated adventure. Whether you play in Peaceful Mode to get a sense of the scale or use at the game table, or crank the Difficulty up to Hard and see what happens when Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers take over the Hall. It’s up to you.

Later this week I’ll be making Kobold Hall available to download (for use in Single Player Mode) and and also putting it online in Survival Multiplayer Mode so you can play it solo, or with others. To use it you will need a registered copy of Minecraft (10 Euros – about $13) to play, but that’s all.

Right now the Hall is living in my main Minecraft World and that includes all kinds of other fine constructions including a Bloodstone Keep (made with Real Bloodstone!) and The Pyracano of Doom (bwahahahaha, etc). I’m going to try to extract Kobold Hall and drop it into its own unique world, but if not there’ll be no shortage of fun places for you to explore.

As much for my own sanity as any other reason, here’s a summary of my role-playing themed ramblings about Minecraft to date:

Watch this space!

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