The Essential Fighter

DAZ Studio and postwork in Photoshop. Love the shiny blue sword!

In D&D, all Fighters are essential, aren’t they? Of all the classes, I can’t picture anyone thinking “Yeah. Rogue, Cleric, Mage…. nope. We don’t need no Fighter, thanks.”

Just thinking out loud, don’t mind me.

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    1. That’s an interesting thought. So a party comprised of Paladin (Fighter/Cleric), Ranger(Fighter/Druid), Hexblade (Fighter/Mage), Psychic Warrior (Fighter/Psion), etc?

  1. All through my younger years we somehow managed to play almost exclusively fighter PCs in our games. Can’t recall there ever being a spellcaster that wasn’t an NPC, and even then they were never important to our games, at least not for their magic abilities. Fighters are indeed essential… to me they are the core of the game, and the “main” class.

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