Special bonus: Creeper for 4e

Here’s everyone’s favourite Minecraft monster all stated out and ready to feature in your next D&D game. Killing a monster was never so dangerous.


I picture Creepers as something like Yellow Musk Zombies. They are infected with a plantlike fungus which causes the poor critter to explode, releasing a multitude of near-invisible spores into the air. If a creature inhales them, on his eventual death he mutates and rises as a furry four-legged no armed Creeper desperately in need of hugs. As this is a very slow acting infection (death could be decades away), I’ve left it as a Plot Device rather than model it with the Disease rules. It’s easier that way.

If you prefer your Creepers to not be Undead drop the keyword, Resistance and Vulnerability but keep the Zombie Weakness. Critically hitting a Creeper is a Very Bad Thing to do.




Throw in a handful of Zombies and a load of Skeleton Archers and you’re all set for a Minecraftastic encounter!

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