The It’s Always Sunday Somewhere Render Dump

In the words of someone psychotic: “I’m baaaaaaa-aaack!”. Here’s a handful of renders from the archives as a return home gift. At least one of these is NSFW. Depends on where you’re working though. As it’s an honourary Sunday, GO HOME. Tell ’em greywulf said it was ok.

Coming up:

  • The Nowhere Man.
  • My thoughts on the Red Box. You’ve heard what everyone else thinks. Now it’s my turn.
  • Icon City: a roll-call of villains
  • Welcome to the Plains of the Shadowlands. Watch out for Gnolls
  • You want old school 4e D&D? I’ll GIVE you old school 4e D&D
  • Gaming in the DC Universe. What to watch out for. Oh, and Batman.

Fly my pretties!
A rest between rehearsal
The escape, discovered.

The novitiate (and zombies)

Lunar Gargoyle
Lady Blue


Welcome to My World

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