D&D on Kindle: A call to action

A while ago on Twitter I posted up a question: “Hot topic: Would you be interested in Kindle versions of the D&D Core Rules? What if they were auto-updated with errata? Price?”. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Here’s a sampling of the replies I received.

Shaddakim YES, Yes I would. Particularly for my Kindle and especially without needing a DDI subscription.

d20philia I’d rather have PDFs than Kindle editions. I enjoy the artwork too much to want an art-free edition.

Kalaphi yes, I would preferentially buy these I’ve hardcover books at the same price

RJazo I wish WOTC would put out a digital version of their core rules. I wouldn’t mind Kindle (since you can read on PC/Android)

Matt1mus More interest in .pdf or multi-e-Reader file than Kindle, myself. Updates a must. 100% cost if alone, $9.99 with real book. #dnd

octoberxp If it wasn’t tied to Insider, I could see a market for it. I think the market among existing DDI subscribers would be small.

DnD_Helper Absolutely. I so want to go paperless for my books. I’d love to be able to carry every book on my ipad #dnd

imariaprime If they updated with errata, and were searchable… I’d BUY a Kindle.

WyattSalazar Kindle no, I don’t have one. iBooks version though would be nice.

CaptCalamitous Damn things should be free if you buy the dead tree editions, half price if you just buy the e-book, yes I want them #rpg #dnd

benpop …Yes.

Many thanks to everyone who took part!

Given Wizards’ antipathy to providing .pdfs of their books – which, incidentally has done absolutely nothing to stop their wide-spread distribution online. In fact it’s doubtless increased it as piracy is now the only possible way to get D&D in .pdf form – Kindle is the Next Best Thing.

Here’s the thing. You don’t explicitly need a Kindle to read  them. Kindle for PC is a free download and it’s a terrific piece of software which works superbly. Kindle books are generally Dirt Cheap and there’s thousands available to read for free, ranging from the out-of-copyright Classics to the latest crime thrillers. If you want an electronic version of D&D, I’d argue that the Kindle format is the best of all worlds. The books are DRM locked in such a way to keep the publishers happy, but they have the price-point and convenience the consumers demand. Perfect, no (hey, DRM is always evil), but it’s a compromise I’d be willing to make just this once.

If you want true portable electronic gaming, a Kindle is incredible value. Get five for the less than the price of one iPad and all your players can have one too! (Yeah, right). Imagine a Kindle containing all the core rules, no laptop or distracting internet connection at the game table required. You want that, right?


Kindle format for D&D books. How about it?

If you want to make it happen head over to Amazon. Choose a D&D book such as the Rules Compendium and click the “I’d like to read this book on Kindle” link. Amazon will let Wizards know. If enough of us do it, it will happen. Even if you don’t want it for yourself, click it if you know someone who does.

Make it happen.

Go click.

Then leave a comment here to say you’ve clicked!

Thanks for listening. Wizards of the Coast, I hope you’re listening too.

7 Comments on “D&D on Kindle: A call to action”

    1. Kindle is pretty much platform neutral – there’s readers for PC, Mac, iPad, etc, as well as it’s own (excellent) dedicated reader.

      Pragmatically, I don’t think we’re going to see a non-DRM electronic version for 4e D&D. Not legally, anyhow :D

      I’d love to see DRM-free PDFs available directly from Wizards of the Coast at a reasonable price-point, but that ain’t going to happen. Silly really. It’s their loss.

      So, it’s a case of choosing the next best thing or doing without.

  1. I agree, I really want to see PDFs of the D&D books, and even if I had to buy the hardbound to get a legal copy, I’d still do it! Tierd of lugging out a pile of books just to prep a dungeon, when I’m prepping it on a perfectly awesome lapto, fully capable of reading a PDF of The Plane Below or DMG2. Consider my vote cast at Amazon!

  2. I always “click for Kindle!” as I call it. I did notice something recently though on this subject. At one point very few of the D&D novels were avail for Kindle and most every new novel coming up had kindle format avail and some were avail prior to the books release or at least its mass paperback release….which means WOTC is trying the kindle distribution out more?

    But it would be some good to go paperless (or at least have that as an option for gamenights!)

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